Mark The Date – I Defend Jamie Oliver

I am not a fan of Jamie Oliver

And although he is quite easy to ignore on a personal level, his random food campaigns which have such a high influence on government policy, can not be ignored.

The holier than thou one does like to pillor (pillar) the poor with his constant attacking of their choices of food and drink and then the subsequent legislation handed down by government the only way it knows, put taxes on it to nudge people off it.

It is social engineering and its most base; carried out, enforced and cheered on by the snobby elite.

But just because I don’t like the guy doesn’t mean I shouldn’t defend him from even more spurious attacks.

Jamie is currently under tweet attack for cultural appropriation

Rice is the problem.  Microwave rice.  Microwave Jamaican Jerk rice to be precise.

Launching this attack was Dawn Butler. Heiress to the throne of Diane Abbott, David Lammy without the penis (yes, I assume her gender to be female).

White people can’t do Jamaican dishes.  Behind the scenes of every Pizza Hut and Dominoes there are hordes of Italians slaving away.  Yep, even in those kebab houses the pizza’s are only cooked by Italians, the kebabs by the Turks and the burgers are only prepared by Germans, specifically from Hamburg.

Though we can walk this back and away from slurs of racism and just make it about the ingredients.

Gate open.  Horse bolted.  And is now being prepared for consumption by someone who is hopefully French. Or South American. Or whatever.


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Hipster Racism! This Explains Craft Beer Racism

Wandering through the internet last week I was pointed to an article about “how to know if you are a hipster racist”

I didn’t give it a read at the time but came back to it today and reading it made me realise how this totally connected to the piece in Thrillist that pointed out that there are few black people in craft beer, that got a hell of a lot of beer people in a tizz back in 2015.

Couple this with a further story from 2015 about how barbecue food is racist and it now all becomes clear.

When you go to any craft beer bar, food hall, or street food gathering you seldom see any faces that are any colour other than white.

Its full of young hipsters, old hipsters, hipster parents; all strongly in the IC1 category, loving the diversity of their food but not of their company.

Sure, there might be some BAMEies cooking and serving the food but luckily they wear gloves because who wants to eat something that has come into contact with non-Caucasian hands, which they probably haven’t washed anyway.

No, so long as the Chinks, the Wogs and the Negros know that their place is hemmed in behind a counter, shackled to a hot grill and waiting on their fair-skinned masters then every one can enjoy some jolly good grub.

In fact, better yet, just get some whites to set up their own food stalls and culturally appropriate the food of the lower castes and then we never need to feel even slight pangs of guilty as we tuck into to our food in our monochromatic atmosphere.


This is of course all complete bollocks.

There is something rotten at the core of this craft movement but it isn’t racism.

This is a nod to the collectivists, the neo-segregationists, the social justice warriors and the painfully illiberal liberals.

These fuckers will eventually eat themselves.

And probably set up a street food stall and charge £10 a plate for the experience.


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Never Poke Fun at a Pie Eater

Thank you Dave Whelan, you have now put this song in my head…


A song Dave may well appropriate at face value.

Note to Dave; never say these things on a Thursday, the audience and panel on BBC’s circus-spectacle excuse for political debate ‘Question Time’ will go mental.

Dave Whelan, Wigan Athletic owner (and owner of their ground which he very kindly lets Wigan Warriors play their rugby league on) has made some very stereotypical remarks about Jews and Chinese people.

Well, more about Jewish people really, he merely said that he reckons everyone has called a Chinese person a “chink” from time to time.

He’s probably right.

Then again Dave also said there should be a minute’s silence before football matches following the death of Maggie Thatcher, so he clearly isn’t operating with a full squad.

What Dave has chosen to do is broadcast these rather antiquated views in a public forum and he will be vilified for them.

What Dave has also done is take attention off Wigan’s most recently appointed manager Malky Mackay.

MacKay is under investigation for a series of alleged racist/sexist texts and emails he sent and received.

You know, private stuff.

It is quite easy to sound like you condone any type of derogatory behaviour if you defend anything that the apparent majority (for “majority” read social media, and old media trying to keep a grasp of being relevant).

I don’t wish to be seen as two wrongs making a right, but who hasn’t received a racist/sexist email/text?

Worse yet, who hasn’t laughed at them?

We have reached a point where too may dots are being joined together.  The baying mob and tabloid-frenzy hysteria of the 60’s-90’s has been replaced by the twitter twitch-hunt and the Facebook group feeding frenzy.

People have lost perspective.

Scientists landed a probe on a comet and all people talk about is that one of the guys (Dr. Matt Taylor) was wearing a dubious t-shirt.  A t-shirt made for him by a female friend, but that isn’t good enough, this man needs to be humbled in a very public way and so he was.

We’ve reach a point where calling a woman ‘darling’ is being viewed as one step away from committing a sex crime.

Where the mere knowledge of racial slurs is akin to wanting another Holocaust or lynching.

We don’t judge anyone anymore by the sum of their person and their acts, we are now coerced into judging people based on the “lowest” thing they have possibly done, said, or most worrying of all, thought.

What MacKay sent and received may be discriminatory, but if what we say in private is how we are judged, who is going to be left to cast the first stone?

A sponsor (premier range) has all ready pulled sponsorship from Wigan – shall we throw open their emails and texts and see what we find?

Dave Whelan has spoken in an ill-judged way, quite how he came to making those statements is a mystery, what will now happen is people will try to force a private business owner to sell his own business.

Dave Whelan is a doddery old man (no defence) who has said something daft.  Nothing sinister, he hasn’t invoked a blood libel.

This isn’t to condone his words, this is merely to find some perspective.  A perspective that a great many people seem to be losing regularly.


Thanks for reading.