Kerry King…ates…

At one time I though Kerry King of Slayer over used the word instigate but it turns out he doesn’t.  In fact on Slayer’s last album, 2015’s “Repentless,” he doesn’t use it at all.

On 2009’s “World Painted Blood” (what should have been Slayer’s last) he uses instigate in 2 songs, which out of the 5 songs he was solely credited for writing the lyrics to is only 40%.

It only previously featured, once, in 2001’s “God Hates Us All” too.

So basically the initial premise of writing this piece quickly died its death.

But then you realise that the “ate” part of instigate may well be why I think I hear it more than I actually do and then a quick search, or listen seeing as Slayer songs are great in that they are generally short and to the point, and you realise it is probably King’s favourite rhyming sound.

Perpetrate, tolerate, ultimate, manipulate, germinate, delicate, liquidate, hesitate, state, fate, mate, facilitate, emanate, devastate, demonstrate, infiltrate, mutilate, vaccinate, stimulate, intimidate, violate, penetrate, regurgitate, eradicate, replicate, exterminate, intoxicate, exacerbate, create, template, relate, asphyxiate, accentuate, obliterate, depopulate, incinerate, illuminate, initiate, indoctrinate, masturbate, calculate, re-instate, celebrate, desecrate, saturate, stimulate, lacerate, masticate, late, annihilate, castrate, devistate, dominate, instigate….and…


Slayer should have retired when Jeff Hanneman died in 2013 but I suppose 5 years dragged out after that point is as good a time as any.

Still, finishing then would have save me and my brother shedding some tears as we watched 2014 Slayer at Sonisphere.



Thanks for reading.