Channel Fake News

I did have a whole draft post dedicated to Channel 4 news.

Wondering how a programme that was seemingly so against the invasion of Iraq (2003 – onwards) could be so hawkish for attacking Syria (2011 – onwards), after it was also so drum bangingly for the attacks on Libya (also 2011 – onwards).  Maybe they are so left-wing they love that the UK supply arms to islamists the underdog rebels, or maybe its because everyone’s favourite, can-do-no-wrong US president, Barack Obama, was so adamant that waging war in these additional two fragile, fragmented and unstable countries was the best thing to do for world peace.

It also questioned how its strange bias has got worse over time and how all their presenters; but mainly Jon Snow, Cathy Newman and Krishnan Guru-Murthy (a man whose best days were on Newsround) and moved away from simple interviews to get to any truth and towards posturing, supposed moral superiority and repetitive, nonsensical talking points.


But fortunately Channel 4 have been very gracious to allow the release of the simple half hour interview to save me writing any further on the subject.



That this is from the same channel that brought us Brass Eye highlights how Channel 4 is drowning in its own self-important, puritanical, moralistic, irony-free drivel.


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People’s Opinions Are Unimportant

Wait, What?

Free speech absolutist decries people having an opinion?

Not at all.

But in the grand scheme of a news report on TV or in a newspaper or online versions of either, including the reaction(s) of some random on social media is not important in the slightest.

People’s reactions to a story, any story are not conducive to relaying what THE NEWS actual is, what the facts actually are.

Quoting the public is two-fold disingenuous; it makes it look relevant and up-to-date as the old media behemoths stumble and lose viewers to the online world, and it tries to fool the viewing public into thinking they actually care about people’s thoughts and opinions.

It has been going on for some time now, that’s why some many news anchors always chime in with their opinions, because news has lost all its objectivity.

It’s all reactive and therefore about reactions and very little, if anything is factual.

On with the speculation…


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