Leigh, Thick Northerners and the Tory Bulwark

Leigh and thick northerners

I was in the process of thinking about writing and posting this before the election but thought I’d wait having already done a post more recently.

As it turned out I was wrong about Leigh.  A 10,000 majority for Labour swung 12% to a 2,000 majority for the Conservatives.

I woke on Friday to find one of my WhatsApp groups going mental.  Most of my friends are dyed in wool Labour, though really its more an anyone-but-Tory attitude.  Many of them actually knew the new MP for Leigh from their school days.  So a mixture of his win, jealousy and general belligerence was split between insulting the man and insulting the voters of Leigh.  They are all thick, apparently.

Now I’ve not really been good at political predictions, though reading back on my last few posts (wondering if Labour was finished in Manchester) or mulling over the (clusterfuck General Election of 2017) I am actually quite happy that the main drivers in those pieces are quite accurate, at least from a personal point of view.

My internal prediction for the 2019 UK election was a small Tory majority but Labour holding on to their “red wall” heartland seats in the main.  This would then lead to a load of “the right” blaming “thick northerners” for another tricky, stagnant session of Parliament where nothing gets done and we remain in the EU.

How wrong I was.  For of course, a conservative majority of 80 (ish) has now lead to “the left” blaming “thick northerners” for this humiliation.

And the old.

And anyone white.

And anyone English, the Scots and the Northern Irish are OK in some twisted mental gymnastics they are currently performing.

I thought I’d stick my head into beer twitter, to see how much salty crying was diluting their expensive beers and turning them into Gose and it didn’t disappoint.

And so the disconnect will continue.

A 3 year sulk will merge into 8, maybe 13, maybe 18, maybe 20+, until those ignorant narcissists leave their snotty bubble and realise what else is out there.

Best is to see the likes of anti-democrats like Ed Miliband, Yvette Cooper (both crawling in on barely 2000 majorities), Abbott, Thornberry and Jess Philips, all having to live on and off the rancid husk of the party that is left, a nub of self-pity and the future insufficient introspection of the grand sell-out of their core they perpetuated.

If we’re playing guilt by association as is the favourite of pathetic liberals these days; the Labour party, a political party referred to the ECHR for the stain of anti-semitisim that runs through it, from the top to the pits of those that deny it all as smears.  If you voted for this fucking party, if you “held your nose” but still voted for the fucking Labour party, you know exactly what that fucking makes you.

Tory Bulwark

Perhaps it is a self-inflicted wound, I for one do not like to see any party with this much “power” in the main.

But from one point of view, that of free speech and free thought this might be a good thing.  Yes, yes the Tories are no friends of those two things I hold dear to my heart but they are the best of the horrible bunch and definitely far less of a threat than Labour, Greens and the Lib Dems with what their pronouns, GRA changes and their “hate speech” law extensions would have wrought upon us.

Pessimistically, this could all be a pipe dream and maybe we have handed “power” to an “a hard -right cabal” who’ll chip away at hard won rights and freedoms, and if that is the case I’ll be trying to find ways to stop them too but currently this feels like a breathe of fresh air, while all on the left carry on breathing in the own farted out self-righteous opinions.

Like another heady beer blogger opined:

“Feel a bit powerless today? Here’s a few things to do: – Join a union (writers, for us that’s the NUJ) – Invest your time in reading and sharing well produced left-wing news sources such as – Send an official complaint to the BBC for their biased reporting.”

Breathe that shit in deeply, son,  Inflate that bubble along with your ego, you pathetic, violence-endorsing creep.

On a final note, BeerFinderGeneral who was/is a mate does appear to have had one moment of reflection

Cynically I could call this a huge virtue signal but he isn’t/wasn’t that kind of bloke so feel free to get in on it and help those who would rather buy scratch cards than food are in need this Christmas.


Thanks for reading and if I don’t post again this year, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

Is My Vote Now Worthless?

That is a legitimate question mark in the title of this piece, as I honestly don’t know now.  There may be a debate to be had as if it ever was but that isn’t the point, and also in my case it isn’t exactly true either.

I don’t vote in UK general elections.

Or rather I should categorically state that I do go to the polling stations and I do put a mark on the ballot.  Sometimes more than one mark.  Sometimes smiley faces.  Sometimes quotes from songs.

I spoil my ballot.  There is no party that currently, or for any duration of my voting eligibility, has “promised” enough in their manifesto to make it worth my proper vote but I still hold on to the power of a democratic vote and owe it to at least participate in the process, at least as a thanks to those that fought for it in the UK and for those that don’t have any say in their country’s politics, the world over.

Is that a virtue signal, possibly.

I always vote in my local elections though and therein lies the duality of my choice of legitimate vote versus spoiling.

You see my local council (Wigan) is Labour dominated but I dislike them immensely for their insular, Wigan-centric outlook.  Local politics is a microcosm for the general malaise of UK politics in general.  Wigan looks after Wigan and a few other areas but damns the smaller towns with a few pounds from the coffers ever election cycle.  Wigan itself suffers at the hands of Greater Manchester County Council and their, insular, Manchester city centre-centric outlook.  And then of course the whole of the North suffers from the national governments and parliaments bubble London-centric outlook.

And the more the local towns vote for independent councillors (or anything that isn’t Labour) the less scraps they get.

On the national front (no pub) though, due to boundary changes, my constituency just happens to be a swing one and so my vote there does actually count for something.

But regardless of who my MP was, thanks to a rather unionised, militant mother, I’ve always been a fan of emailing them about the bigger issues that I’m bothered about and the responses were always less than stellar up until my most recent MP got voted in.

Enough for me to vote for them?  On an individual level, quite possibly, on a party political one, quite possibly not.

The shadow of Brexit looms large over all these decisions and whereas the UK has a first past the post (FPTP) system of deciding who “runs” the country for 4-5 year stints, the referendum was an example of  not only direct democracy but of highlighting just why our current elected officials aren’t big fans of it, as you can never rely on getting the result you want.

And so I find myself hemmed in. 650 elected MPs, the majority of which do not wish to enact the result of the referendum of 2016, figuring out ways of getting out of it.

Aided and abetted by a willing media and a very vocal loser contingent.  I use loser not as a pejorative but as a fact, though maybe minority contingent would be better, despite the other images that my conjure up.

A few marches of dubious attendance and an online petition of dubious signatories seem to give credence to wish to halt a process that hasn’t been started properly, because it was never fully committed to in the first place.

Forget about alleged lies and bus slogans, alleged election interference and spending tactics, these are all just bluster to hide the shock of a loss.

What is at stake is what a disaffected populous does if they become even more disaffected with the world around them that only shows the glaringly obvious that they have no say it what happens to them.

The donning of hi-vis jackets won’t do anything.  Nor will mass strikes.  What small amount of power you think you have will just be crushed, possibly physically but at its worst, emotionally.

And then you have to wonder if it is worth taking part in a process you weren’t really welcome in, in the first place.

But when the anti-democrats win and a cheer goes up and all those they labelled with slurs from the very beginning have been put in their place, the precedent will have been set.

Think of it as being stuck in traffic and getting annoyed with those that don’t use their indicators, or drive without lights when it is dark.  Think more on those that never move out of the way of a fire engine or ambulance or police car that is on an emergency call and that desire, deep inside you that secretly, darkly hopes that one day they will know that their action could result in the first responding vehicle they blocked was stopped from attending an incident involving someone they cared about.

Think of Newton’s third law of motion and then realise that a government with power never has a reaction that is equal.

Vive la second law of thermodynamics.


Thanks for reading.

“Striking” Kids and the Refreshingly Unapologetic Shamima Begum

This working week (11-15 February 2019) started much the same way the previous when had ended; fresh from Gucci withdrawing and apologising for a “blackface” jumper (sweater, pullover) it was then the turn of Katy Perry to apologise and withdraw some shoes that looked like blackface, there was also a “whiteface” version but who keeps score these days.

This followed on from complete idiots who thought that old pictures of miners from down the pits, dirty with soot, stood in a pub having a beer was another example of blackface.

This had been parodied before and now satire has become real opinions, granted held by morons but actual thought out, put into print opinions either way.

Sooner or later they’ll come after Predator…


To counter the constant need to apologise to the offence mob and bow before their puckered, perfumed anuses the story of Shamima Begum came back to light again.

Aged 15, she’d fucked off to Syria to become a brood mare for ISIS, taking some mates with her.  Her dad blamed everyone the police, social services, her school but, like a plot point in the film Four Lions, it turned out rather than leave her alone he liked to take her with him when he went along to his flag-burning, terror-espousing meetings of the now proscribed Al-Muhajiroun group.

Four years later, ISIS (or Daesh if you prefer) are in the treat, the squalor is a bit too much for poor Shamima, as now being heavily pregnant she has decided she wants to return to the UK, lest she lose a third child to hunger and neglect.

She is unrepentant, being fair to her, if she did show contrition for her actions I still doubt she’d find much forgiveness but not apologising is still finding forgiveness for her actions from some quarters.

Given that half of the suspected 400+ that went from the UK to Syria to fight for ISIS have returned without much problem, she shouldn’t really have done an interview with The Times and then could have just sneaked back in unchallenged like so many other psychopaths have done.

The only excuse I can see for her being allowed back to the UK is that she is a UK citizen and therefore legally and morally that is the only position, there is no other argument that can be made for her return.  Her gender, her religion and most specifically her age at the time of her departure are all just soft bigotry of low expectations.

And given that kids 15 year and younger were blown up in Manchester 2 years ago by those following the same ideology, it would be for the best if our security stepped up its efforts to stop returnees.

Nor is it comparable to child grooming gangs all over the UK, which apparently we can now talk about and admit happens.

Which brings us to today (Friday 15th) and school kids “striking” from school to protest about climate change, or if you prefer; some soft parents allowed their offspring to do a bunk (wag, play hooky) on a nice, sunny Friday to do nothing much but wave a few placards and sing a few songs under the disillusion that they were doing something useful and democratic.

More than likely they were given lifts to and from wherever they were protesting, so at least the safety of your sprogs comes before the climate when it actually has a real and tangible impact on your life.

But these 15 years-olds, these kids haven’t been brainwashed by a cult (maybe because they are white perhaps, or not Muslim, who knows) and therefore we should pay attention to them.

The curse of intersectionality, that treats individual groups as one homogeneous blob.

The world is indeed fucked but it won’t be the climate that kills it.


Thanks for reading.

Jamelia, Soylent Green and the Deatherendum



I bumped into this link earlier today and by the time I’ve come to write this piece the website now has a massive apology about offence and has pulled it M.O.

What it did, in very, very poor statistical data was compare how many “old people” died against how my “young people” were registering to vote and then constructed the ratio of when the losers/remain vote would be in the majority.

Because obviously all old people vote leave and all young people vote remain and people never change their minds.

This came in a week that had seen a woman with no discernible talent, desperately trying to keep herself in the public eye so she can afford to home school here children, say that anyone over 75 shouldn’t be given the vote as they won’t be around to live through what they voted for…

One of the many, many funny things about the Brexit vote is how the picture is somehow painted (well, it isn’t somehow, it is just blatant media bias) that Remain voters were the nice people and Leave voters were the nasty ones.

But that belies the very obvious truth; that sore losers, the poor wretched people who can’t handle democracy when it gives a result they disagree with (see also UK General Election 2105, standard twitter response “I don’t know any Tories, how did they win?”), apart from smearing everything with one big brush, do also like to dwell on the death of those that hold opposing views.

They hide behind “but its just statistics” but it isn’t statistics; and even if it were, it is terrible maths for which they should go back to school to relearn, what it is is naked fascism.

But fascism of the good kind, the kind that can be broadcast, the kind that doesn’t get people in a tizz about it or cause the police the need to investigate.

If I’m honest the website made me chuckle; out of the sickness of it and that someone had the urge to even make it, gallows humour if you will and, of course Jamelia can have all the opinions she wants and can speak them wherever and whenever she likes; well, obviously in the UK…for now.

And this won’t ever end.  The jealous bitterness of the Remain side, the side that lost, will fester and fester and if somehow (again not somehow, just a complete ignorance of the electorate) the UK stays in the European Union they will cheer, the will cheer that democracy failed and won’t even contemplate the implications.

How very, very sad.

Thanks for reading.


P.S. – I believe on the 21st of January the very same EU will meet again to discuss Article 13 (and 11) of their Copyright directives.  This would effectively make every link in this article, the link to Youtube and the picture at the start of this piece liable for deletion.  The implications for the whole internet within the EU are at stake, please contact your MEP to urge them to vote down this nonsense.