Portman Group Prohibitionists

Newport brewery Tiny Rebel must change beer can design

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Tiny Rebel brewery at all, in fact apart from the brewery the only other thing that previously made me aware of Newport, Wales with the TV show Dirty Sanchez

Portman Group Report

The first thing that sprang to mind is that does the supermarket in question, Budgens, not separate out it alcoholic beverages from it’s non-alcoholic ones?

If it does, which I’m pretty sure it has to by way of legal requirements, then this would quite obviously suggest that the person, ONE person, who made this complaint is…to use a beer analogy, from the sadly departed Bill Paxton…


Secondly, Sunkist is orange, not yellow.

Thirdly, if you are going to buy alcohol from any outlet, you must be over the age of 18. A kid would not be able to buy this product thinking it was “fizzy pop.”


Full marks to Tiny Rebel for responding in a cordial and professional manner, certainly more mature than those twats from Ellon, Scotland.

Finally, far be it from me to suspect or imply that an “independent group” made up of large multinational (alcoholic) drinks manufacturers might have something to gain from throwing it’s weight around against a far smaller, though rapidly expanding brewery and would actually go to the length to manufacture ONE COMPLAINT in order to appear that it was being conscientious when it comes to alcohol consumption.


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The Continuing Curious Case of Wilfrid Laurier University and Lindsay Shepherd

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece of the rather heinous treatment of a student teacher by a Canadian University for daring to have an open discussion about gender pro-nouns, worst of all playing a video by academic Jordan Peterson.

She was hauled before a private tribunal and if it wasn’t for the fact that she recorded the inquisition she was subjected to then she could have quite easily lost or job or have been vilified for this act when needing references for future employment.

The short of this whole tribunal against her was the there was a complaint(s) made against her, of which she was not allowed to know who or indeed the content of the complaint.

It is now being reported that no evidence of any formal complaint was actually made against Ms Shepherd.

At this present moment in time it would seem that those with a vested interest in diversity and equity, at least of specific thought, would be the ones doing the bullying.

In related UK news an Oxford teacher investigated for ‘misgendering’ to sue school – the teacher in question is pushing his “religious beliefs” as a mode of defence, which in some cases it would be.  Personally speaking, he just misspoke and it is a school dithering about being named and shamed and losing funding, that is causing this needless shit storm.

It seems we expect schools to teach everything to kids these days, except common sense.


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Lindsay Shepherd and the Mis-Education of Universities

This news probably won’t be that big here in the UK but it is a fine example of the backwards step the universities are taking in educating what are supposed to be future generations of free thinking, highly educated people (well, those who aren’t doing media degrees).

In a communications class (no, I don’t know what that is), a graduate teacher played a clip by a renowned lecturer and current lightning rod of the transgender debate, Jordan Peterson, in order to explore and debate the use of pronouns; he, she, they, it, ze, zer and a whole new range of other made up words that look like someone who was particularly poor at Scrabble or Countdown would offer as an answer.

A complaint (confidentially of course) was made against her and she was brought into a disciplinary meeting to discuss what was said and how they could vet her lesson plans in the future.

This seemed to stem from the disciplinary panel having little faith in the ability of their students (all 18+, so adults) to process critically anything that they might disagree with.

Lucky the teacher in question, Lindsay Shepherd, had the forethought to record the meeting on her phone, which has since been “leaked” and it offers not only a glimpse of what a cool, collected and calm person Shepherd is but also the staggering lack of common sense and horrible group think that the panel of other teachers also display.


As with anything these days, when the ultimate stupidity of some is laid bare for the world to view, the aggressors are generally quick to apologise, which the university has since done

FULL TEXT: Apology from Wilfrid Laurier officials over handling of free speech controversy

But they still insert caveats into their climbdowns

Let me be clear by stating that Laurier is committed to the abiding principles of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Giving life to these principles while respecting fundamentally important human rights and our institutional values of diversity and inclusion, is not a simple matter.

Free speech is a very simple matter, you have it or you don’t.

Universities in the UK are seeing an invasion of the anti-free speech crowd.  This is currently manifesting itself as safe spaces.

This has led to some offering “Brave Spaces” which only reinforce the safe space mentality of hurt feelings being more important than free speech and free thought.

Likewise, following the pernicious Rhodes Must Fall debacle, now a student in Liverpool wants former PM Gladstone to have his name removed as the name of a halls of residence because of his apparent lack of opposition to the slave trade.

University has changed a lot since I was there and not for the better.


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He Had Won The Victory Over Himself

Police arresting nine people a day in fight against web trolls

It is good that they are concentrating on name calling because its ‘Not practical’ to investigate all crime

Oh, hang on a minute, we’ve found some more cash…

Online hate crime to be tackled by new national police hub

“Hate crime” the biggest Orwellian doublespeak nightmare made reality.

Still, you know, private companies can do what they want…

Twitter’s Dorsey: Site to get ‘more aggressive’ policing tweets

Even if they aren’t making any money and are losing revenue.

After the constant state spying on location, email and even encrypted conversations your only chance of a private and free conversation will be in your own home.

With all your technology and gadgets switched off…while perhaps making sure you they can’t lip read either


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Stick & Stones May Break My Bones But Names…

…Get you reported to the police…

Then again…there is this

Which is what happens when you conflate free speech with abuse and couple it with the ill-defined Orwellian phrases like “hate speech” and “hate crime”


It’s a short post, you know where I stand, its part of a larger problem and something I might dig into over time like so many others but for now.


Reals before Feels…


A cunt is a cunt regardless…


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Applying for the Position of State Censor


I have been a long-term admirer of your work, even before you changed what the “C” in your name meant.  It was very helpful of you and the DPP to publish a list of 72 films and the subsequent 39 that were prosecuted made then all the more necessary to get hold of and view.  It has also been wonderful watching your scope increase; from film editors to analysing video games and now you have been allowed into the online world.

We shall skip what the definitions, legal or otherwise about what is pornography and pornographic, they have become a terms stripped of all meaning recently and I’ll just get to the nub of the matter.

I find the challenges of “regulating online pornography” to be rather easy.

What is made and filmed by consenting adults is legal and obviously anything made without consenting adults is a matter for the police, so this covers my view on the making of such material.

So we now have to turn our heads to who views such things and when it comes to viewing such material then it follows that it is legal for consenting adults to watch this material also.

If we skip the confusing laws of the UK that make the act of having sex legal at 16 but then having to be a full 2 years older to actually watch it legally then we should take the maximum age of 18 and below as the people we should worry about when it comes to getting hold of such material online.

And in this case it falls squarely on the parents.

I therefore can’t really expand to fill the requested word count of 1500 so I’ll just reiterate my main point;

Regulating online pornography to those under the legal age is the job of the parents or the adults responsible of said minors.

I feel I’ve just written myself out of a job but please feel free to consider me for the role.

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Camra Obscura

So in my most recent post about all things beer related I ended with a cheap pop at the expense of the Campaign for Real Ale or CAMRA as it is known.

Only I didn’t.

Not of the organisation as a whole just a minority of it’s members.  A minority that is also shrinking (mainly due to death rather than a change of heart and mind) but sadly for CAMRA this minority is still the image that most other beers drinkers* have of them

This isn’t an apology for that friendly jab at them, what this piece is inspired by is that within the hour of me fending off questions from CAMRA members on twitter (and via DM), I was back defending them too.

This tweet appeared on my time-line


A few things I take umbrage with (1) that like someone in need of quick gratification, rather than confront the person who has caused the “offence” they run off to the nearest tabloid for maximum exposure.**  (2) that the photo of the leaflet seems to purposely focus on the female drawing rather than include all the patronising drawings of  the “other types of drinker.” (3) the distinct lack of research in finding out about the leaflet, which coincides with point (1). (4) the need for the threat of violence kind of undermines the whole message much like that prat running Pumpclip Parade

The leaflet is about 5 years old, in it are some cartoon drawings meant to personify certain styles of drink and what type of person might prefer which style; Light Ale, Bitter, Mild, Stout, Porter.  It is face-palming stuff.

In January the Manchester Beer & Cider Festival will open in it’s new venue of G-Mex (or Manchester Central) and no doubt there will be vendors selling all manner of tat stuff.  This will include clothing with “amusing” (generally beer related) phrases on them.

In 2014 when the festival was first held (in the Velodrome, a replacement for the Winter Ales festival that moved to Derby) some t-shirts were spotted like this…


…and of similar ilk.  Childish, sea-side stuff, but not the best thing to be selling when you’re trying to make your festival feel inclusive.  The problem was reported to the organisers and the complaints were acted upon.  Roll on 2015 and the same thing was on sale; the sneaky vendor had set-up his stall for inspection and then promptly put out these t-shirts when no one official was about.

Not CAMRA endorsed but nonetheless it is at a festival they are hosting and this only perpetuates the perception that the organisation is filled only with sexist old men.

**Addendum – as noted in the comments below, the offending t-shirts/their sellers will not be at the 2016 event – uptodate evolution in action**


It should be noted that key-kegs are now “approved” by CAMRA as being legitimate forms of dispense for “real ale” and they will be making their début at the above beer festival and yes, there will be some members that will actively avoid drinking “gassed” beer and they won’t do it quietly either.


So with that said I will state that the above twitter account did also put out something that was bang on about CAMRA…


I’m a member of CAMRA.  Or rather I’m an active member of CAMRA and whereas this stuff doesn’t offend me (nothing really does) it is a retrograde step if the campaign wishes to achieve what it can be, because otherwise at its best it will always be associated with these misguided attempts at being accessible and at its worst it will always be run by sexist old men.

CAMRA doesn’t help itself sometimes; lack of a sense of humour, not being forward thinking, improvements in health care giving sexist old men longer lifespans.

There is an evolution taking place within CAMRA.  It is slow but I wouldn’t be typing this shit if millions of years hadn’t given me opposable thumbs.***

CAMRA isn’t suddenly going to be amazing over night, it needs time but it also doesn’t need it’s chequered history being brought up over and over again, this will only perpetuate a siege mentality and then nothing will change.


Thanks for reading.


*This group consists of all or some of the following: craft wankers, hipsters, Brewdog fan club performing seals who do what their masters tell them in such a punk way, non-CAMRA members & CAMRA members and anyone else who drinks beer who ever gets into the politics of this rather than just enjoying a pint – I’m looking at you reader.

**Melissa Cole is in no way a tabloid journalist; she has morals (or so I’m told).

***Fuck you, creationists.