Irony Overload at the Ministry of Truth

Why George Orwell is returning to the BBC



Newspeak Rules OK.



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People’s Opinions Are Unimportant

Wait, What?

Free speech absolutist decries people having an opinion?

Not at all.

But in the grand scheme of a news report on TV or in a newspaper or online versions of either, including the reaction(s) of some random on social media is not important in the slightest.

People’s reactions to a story, any story are not conducive to relaying what THE NEWS actual is, what the facts actually are.

Quoting the public is two-fold disingenuous; it makes it look relevant and up-to-date as the old media behemoths stumble and lose viewers to the online world, and it tries to fool the viewing public into thinking they actually care about people’s thoughts and opinions.

It has been going on for some time now, that’s why some many news anchors always chime in with their opinions, because news has lost all its objectivity.

It’s all reactive and therefore about reactions and very little, if anything is factual.

On with the speculation…


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No, I Don’t #BelieveYou

First off an apology, for the title, which is clearly click-bait.

Secondly, because of the hysterical times we live, a proviso, which I shouldn’t have to make but have to and need to, to state to those who don’t read past a title and a few lines; rape and sexual assault is wrong. They are horrible, barbaric acts and all perpetrators should be pursued to the full extent of the law.

But to believe anyone who comes forward with a tale of rape or assault and pointing the finger at an assailant does not have the automatic right to “belief.”

Or, more pertinently, the alleged assailant is also afforded the equal amount of “belief” to them if they deny the accusation.

In this current climate an accusation is all it takes to get someone fired from their position of employment.  Not “suspended, pending further investigation” but sacked.

The twitter frenzy and the surrounded hashtags create witch-hunt, mob mentality that seems to trump the rule of law and also basic common sense.

Harvey Weinstein is probably a degenerate scumbag, who abused his position and power to physically abuse numerous others but the man is allowed a fair trial and as each allegation is published and every reaction is apparently justified the chances of finding a jury of his peers not prejudice enough to give him a fair trial gets more remote by the day.

Any defence lawyer worth their salt could quite easily search through a prospective juror’s social network for posts and all they need find is something as naive, lame and stupid as #IBeliveYou and they need never be called for jury duty again.

How would you ever hope to convict anyone of a serious crime, one that has made headlines, if everyone is automatically going to believe the alleged victim.

And it is not a question of NOT believing the alleged victim, it is simply trying to be the detached human being we generally are when it comes to events in the lives of random strangers.

The only reactions to a crime that matter are that of the police, the courts and other law enforcement bodies.

I always remember this from 2009…

Harriet Harman today promised a “systematic” review of the way that rape cases are dealt with as she launched a new bid to raise the conviction rate for sex attackers

It always struck me as rather sinister language.  Yes it is right to treat all alleged victims with respect and a certain amount of kid gloves, but from the language used its as though everyone accused just “got away with it,” QED; all accused are guilty, we must increase the conviction rate, even at the expense of actual justice.

This piece isn’t about victim blaming if that is what you are feeling right now, far from it.  If the accused can not get a fair trial because of the reaction of everyone numpty online, then the accuser is going to be a victim a second time.

So the cycle continues and the denigration of basic common sense and reason continues unabated.


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He Had Won The Victory Over Himself

Police arresting nine people a day in fight against web trolls

It is good that they are concentrating on name calling because its ‘Not practical’ to investigate all crime

Oh, hang on a minute, we’ve found some more cash…

Online hate crime to be tackled by new national police hub

“Hate crime” the biggest Orwellian doublespeak nightmare made reality.

Still, you know, private companies can do what they want…

Twitter’s Dorsey: Site to get ‘more aggressive’ policing tweets

Even if they aren’t making any money and are losing revenue.

After the constant state spying on location, email and even encrypted conversations your only chance of a private and free conversation will be in your own home.

With all your technology and gadgets switched off…while perhaps making sure you they can’t lip read either


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Stick & Stones May Break My Bones But Names…

…Get you reported to the police…

Then again…there is this

Which is what happens when you conflate free speech with abuse and couple it with the ill-defined Orwellian phrases like “hate speech” and “hate crime”


It’s a short post, you know where I stand, its part of a larger problem and something I might dig into over time like so many others but for now.


Reals before Feels…


A cunt is a cunt regardless…


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A Look Back In Anger. And Every Other Fucking Direction

The Terrorists will not change us…

Except when it comes to delaying our election process, delaying democracy.

Except when it comes to the state wanting even greater powers to actually hack into its citizens private communications.

Except when it comes to freedom of speech because apparently 80,000 people want The Sun banned in Manchester because they are brain-dead twats living in an irony-free zone.

Except I don’t full know how to express myself in words, so here are some emojis.

Except I want people to lose their jobs if they make a joke or say something possibly defamatory.

Except now I’ve got a tattoo – solidarity brothers and sisters.

Except when it comes to being able to actual discuss just what the fuck is going on in the world.

Standard Response

Following the events at the Manchester Arena on the 22nd of Many 2017 there followed the usual, typically predictable response to a terrorist attack.

The #PrayFor and #NotAll hashtags fly like winged monkeys, the avatars changed to accommodate the latest geographical victim, well one that is in the West at least, you’d never have a static avatar if you had to commemorate everyone blown to bits in the Middle East.

The UK press wait a day or so and then dwell upon the attacker(s) because for some reason it feels that the public need to know their name(s), their background, their history because that doesn’t detract from the victims at all.

We also have to preach the mantra that terrorists don’t represent Islam but merely a warped view of it and it has nothing to do with religion.

That last point is bollocks, always has been, always will be…

Give it a week and then the police will release a report about an increase in “hate crime” – quite what being blown up, run over, shot or stabbed is if it isn’t hate is beside the point in this most Orwellian-like crime, but if you’ve been called a nasty name that too is a crime apparently on a par with loss of life and needs as much media focus.*

Above all it is pushed by all and sundry that we should “carry on” and that was should not let “hate beat love.”


Hate is OK.  Hate is a valid human emotion.

This past fortnight has all been about love, or people’s versions of what love is, not even Foreigner knew what it was and needed it showing to them but either way its was all about love.

One big, homogeneous, nondescript, identity-less Love.

The avatar changes, the bee tattoos, the candle-lit vigils do nothing but focus on the individual and their suffering, which is nothing, it is absolutely fuck-all to those that were actually killed, their next of kin and those who actually could have been victims.

What, so you didn’t “love Manchester” before you changed your avatar and you will stop loving it when you change it?

Your bee tattoo and graffiti, possibly a nice symbol of solidarity is really just look-at-me narcissism, less about love and more a constant reminder of carnage.

You only have love? You have no hate, because hate is all terrorists have and you are better than terrorists?

Not killing people makes you better than a terrorist, not having any other emotions makes you an unthinking drone.

And this is the problem.  I don’t hate you for changing your avatar or getting a tattoo or painting a picture, or singing a song or lighting a candle.   Grief, if that honestly what it is as opposed to relief, is something personal that we all deal with in our own way.

What I do hate, apart from delusional, murdering fucksticks is the rest of the response; that we carry on as normal and yet we still modify our behaviour, our language, our ability to ask questions or offer up answers and even opinions.

In the Kübler-Ross model there are five stages to dealing with grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

There seems to be a collective brain-fart at work that we avoided the 2nd stage and just focus on the 3rd and 5th.  The world of social media seems to turn into Rimmer after he has had his first meeting with the Polymorph in Red Dwarf.

You neither have to bargain with terrorists, because you can’t and you certainly don’t have to accept it, regardless of what Mayors of London say.

I have love and it doesn’t need mood slime to help flourish, but I certainly have hate too.  The hate won’t keep me any more safe that those apparently without it but it is my response to events, along with continuing to question and to use the same language.

Hate is OK.  Hate is a valid human emotion. It is all about how you channel it.


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*Hyperbole but it does seems as much gravitas is placed on “hate crime” statistics than any other crime.  Crime is hate, all crime is a hate crime.