Finding The Time

It is getting rather annoying not having the time and then the energy to blog these days.  There are many subjects I’ve been meaning to cover:

Harry Miller (Harry the Owl) & Kate Scottow – Free Speech Judgements

Katie Hopkins (and maybe George Galloway) – Twitter Suspensions

Flack and Scofield (and McPartlin) – The hypocrisy of ITV (and the offence mob in general)

These all cover some of the same ground and are probably things that by the time I would get to writing about them, the stories would have moved on, though I think all three could stick around for some time.

There there is:

Israel Folau, rugby league & homosexuality.

This is also a story that could run for a while seeing as he has only just played his first game for Catalan Dragons and that has been met by some “flag controversy.”

These are all free speech and free thought issues and can be weaved into overly long and pointless diatribes.

I really should get around to writing:

In Praise of Pubs near train stations.

And I will, that is the next one, yes an actual beer post, which may see the light of day sometime around the time the government take over the running of Northern Rail and I’ll see no real change other than less services just so the few trains that remain can run on time because it is the infrastructure that is the real problem around Greater Manchester and Yorkshire, not old Pacer units.


Thanks for reading.




Je suis toujours Charlie

I commented on the murders of Charlie Hebdo staff by religious nutters when they happened (mainly here) (and slightly here) and now its the fifth anniversary of the killings it is probably worth noting what has changed in the world.

To be honest I feel this piece by Jonathan Ervine  does a far, far better job than I could ever do about analysing the history and the repercussions so all I can do is add my own thoughts.

Religious murder and persecutions of and by the religious still continue, no surprises but the role of blasphemy in modern life has evolved away from the deity inspired religious to those that have replaced God with their own cult and cult-life figureheads.

You can’t compare murderous zealots with these new heretic hunters because the latter don’t commit murder; but they are two cheeks of the same arse, seeking to hurt you in other ways.  To dox you.  To name and shame you.  To get you fired and to make you unemployable.

All for merely expressing an opinion that, other than being perhaps factually or historically correct, simply offends the opinions of the neo-religious.

Just offends mind.  Nothing else.  Feelings over facts.

And worst of all is that you never really know who the perpetually offend are, well you do but only after the fact in most cases.  In other cases you just learn to avoid them by the past actions and this sadly leads to trust issues and lessens interactions with strangers.

Nothing shows this turnaround more than Angela Merkel

From marching “in solidarity” with the murder Hebdo writers to this


I’m not really Charlie.  I’m a tiny blog with a tiny reach, no other online presence with merely a penchant for wanting to point out the comedic hypocrisy of the woke, sometimes through satire, sometimes with direct postings like this.

I choose anonymity so as to hopefully not bring any employers into disrepute as this blog is my own personal feelings.  The comments are open (provided you’ve already had one post approved, these aren’t my rules) and I welcome any discussion, even face to face where I wouldn’t be anonymous.

I would hope the year 2020 will bring about a realignment but I don’t hold much hope.

In the USA; the only country with free speech enshrined as law, support for the 1st amendment has been slipping over the previous decade that we now end up with

What is more strange is that the people driving this want and need do not seem to be aware of just how important free speech is for gaining real equality in society and how it was instrumental in the past to the gains that have been made.

You don’t eliminate the nasty elements of society by not allowing them to speak, or by locking them up and you certainly don’t do it by killing them.  Well technically you do but you are not going to be able to kill everybody you disagree with and they’ll probably be trying to kill you too.

You do it by debating them and showing the error of their thinking.  You can’t win the battle for hearts and minds if your own mind and heart is closed to hearing anything you don’t like.

Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants (Louis D. Brandeis, 1913/14).

This evening I toast the dead and those currently still writing for Charlie Hebdo.


Thanks for reading and all the best for 2020.

Leigh, Thick Northerners and the Tory Bulwark

Leigh and thick northerners

I was in the process of thinking about writing and posting this before the election but thought I’d wait having already done a post more recently.

As it turned out I was wrong about Leigh.  A 10,000 majority for Labour swung 12% to a 2,000 majority for the Conservatives.

I woke on Friday to find one of my WhatsApp groups going mental.  Most of my friends are dyed in wool Labour, though really its more an anyone-but-Tory attitude.  Many of them actually knew the new MP for Leigh from their school days.  So a mixture of his win, jealousy and general belligerence was split between insulting the man and insulting the voters of Leigh.  They are all thick, apparently.

Now I’ve not really been good at political predictions, though reading back on my last few posts (wondering if Labour was finished in Manchester) or mulling over the (clusterfuck General Election of 2017) I am actually quite happy that the main drivers in those pieces are quite accurate, at least from a personal point of view.

My internal prediction for the 2019 UK election was a small Tory majority but Labour holding on to their “red wall” heartland seats in the main.  This would then lead to a load of “the right” blaming “thick northerners” for another tricky, stagnant session of Parliament where nothing gets done and we remain in the EU.

How wrong I was.  For of course, a conservative majority of 80 (ish) has now lead to “the left” blaming “thick northerners” for this humiliation.

And the old.

And anyone white.

And anyone English, the Scots and the Northern Irish are OK in some twisted mental gymnastics they are currently performing.

I thought I’d stick my head into beer twitter, to see how much salty crying was diluting their expensive beers and turning them into Gose and it didn’t disappoint.

And so the disconnect will continue.

A 3 year sulk will merge into 8, maybe 13, maybe 18, maybe 20+, until those ignorant narcissists leave their snotty bubble and realise what else is out there.

Best is to see the likes of anti-democrats like Ed Miliband, Yvette Cooper (both crawling in on barely 2000 majorities), Abbott, Thornberry and Jess Philips, all having to live on and off the rancid husk of the party that is left, a nub of self-pity and the future insufficient introspection of the grand sell-out of their core they perpetuated.

If we’re playing guilt by association as is the favourite of pathetic liberals these days; the Labour party, a political party referred to the ECHR for the stain of anti-semitisim that runs through it, from the top to the pits of those that deny it all as smears.  If you voted for this fucking party, if you “held your nose” but still voted for the fucking Labour party, you know exactly what that fucking makes you.

Tory Bulwark

Perhaps it is a self-inflicted wound, I for one do not like to see any party with this much “power” in the main.

But from one point of view, that of free speech and free thought this might be a good thing.  Yes, yes the Tories are no friends of those two things I hold dear to my heart but they are the best of the horrible bunch and definitely far less of a threat than Labour, Greens and the Lib Dems with what their pronouns, GRA changes and their “hate speech” law extensions would have wrought upon us.

Pessimistically, this could all be a pipe dream and maybe we have handed “power” to an “a hard -right cabal” who’ll chip away at hard won rights and freedoms, and if that is the case I’ll be trying to find ways to stop them too but currently this feels like a breathe of fresh air, while all on the left carry on breathing in the own farted out self-righteous opinions.

Like another heady beer blogger opined:

“Feel a bit powerless today? Here’s a few things to do: – Join a union (writers, for us that’s the NUJ) – Invest your time in reading and sharing well produced left-wing news sources such as – Send an official complaint to the BBC for their biased reporting.”

Breathe that shit in deeply, son,  Inflate that bubble along with your ego, you pathetic, violence-endorsing creep.

On a final note, BeerFinderGeneral who was/is a mate does appear to have had one moment of reflection

Cynically I could call this a huge virtue signal but he isn’t/wasn’t that kind of bloke so feel free to get in on it and help those who would rather buy scratch cards than food are in need this Christmas.


Thanks for reading and if I don’t post again this year, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

Leigh Won’t Vote Tory…But…

“‘I’m voting Tory for the first time’: Things appear to be changing in Leigh” (MEN article (engage ad blockers))

“Leigh constituency election portrait” (the same article but for the local rag)

“Leigh could vote in Tory MP, says YouGov MRP poll” (Leigh Reporter)

The last two links to the local paper give a better insight into the split in Leigh politically as it has comments from, well regular commentators.  How local to Leigh they are is unknown but as sure as the sun rises, you can guarantee that anything story remotely political on that website will have the same commentators have their little spats, its like Twitter but on a diet of lobby.

The above articles give some good insight and my title it’s exactly a massive gamble as it is such a narrow “victory” by the 2019 Tories that only a few votes either way would swing it, the whole point being of course, how has it got to this and again the linked pieces go into some detail.

I personally think that Labour will still win quite strongly though if you look at the trend according to wikipedia the swing has been more “to the right” since the Blair years but the Labour majority seems to swing fairly consistently between 10,000-16,000 over the election cycles.

It is also worth noting that from the high turnouts of 70%+ in the 70’s and 80’s (when you factor in an anti-Tory, pro-mining sensibility) they have plummeted since, barely scratching 60% over recent elections.

The local wisdom being anything with a red rosette wins.

The Conservative candidate is well known locally and a local councillor as far as I’m aware who my sources tell me (i.e. my mates who are actually on Facebook), that he is campaigning hard, so he clearly thinks he is in with a shot.

Current Labour incumbent Jo Platt, on the other hand is a form councillor herself who it’s exactly well liked locally.

But probably liked enough to be voted for because her rosette is red and not blue.

As you may note there are 6 candidates standing this time around.  If we take Labour and the Lib Dems to represent a vote to continue to remain in the EU, then the other 4 are to leave the EU and then the possibility of vote splitting comes into play.

As the graphic above predicts, the Brexit Party could get almost 12%, costing the Conservatives victory?  Probably not.  Anyone who wants to vote Tory will vote Tory, the Brexit party votes will be, in the vast majority, disgruntled Labour voters who just can’t ever vote Conservative.

And that is where I was going to leave this totally amateur look into local politics until the news today that Labour wish to cut rail fares by 75%

The running joke about Leigh as a town, especially in the rugby league community and general banter between the local towns, is that “Leigh is the biggest town in the UK without a train station.”

There are talks locally to open Golborne station, which would do nothing for Leigh.  The original rail lines from Leigh now had the guided bus way on it, which just makes Leigh a commuter hub for Manchester rather than bringing anything into the town.

So the question is, would the train-less residents of Leigh really wish to pay out extra money in taxes just to fund those with rail stations, like the pie-eaters in Wigan and would it be enough to stop any of them voting Labour?

No.  I doubt it.  And if the Tories get in then “I’ll show my arse at Turnpike.”*


Thanks for reading.


*This is a local phrase; I won’t actually be engaging in acts of public nudity should something highly unlikely actually occur.

Manchester Foodies Political Intolerance

I was racking my brain for a more punchy title, obviously based around food intolerance, etc. so all ideas are welcome.  This one is certainly less click-bait than the original “The Bigots of the Manchester Craft scene.”

Plus it needs to be said that I have no idea if the title is grammatically correct, meh.

One of my mates is actually an entrepreneur of the burgeoning food scene in Manchester and he too charges astronomical prices for what is a simple product to make and sell and fair play to him.  Fair play to all of them, if you can mug someone off for triple the price and let your confidence trick of more cash must equal better product than have at it, fools and their money.

But as I’ve droned on about before, business and politics don’t mix and said friend in a WhatsApp chat posted this picture…

I wonder if Slowthai will make an appearance?

You just know that all the food and drink available there will be so salty from the tears that Sally Davies would be shutting the event down on the grounds of it being hazardous to health.

And why couldn’t a charity event be held on a weekend, perhaps the rich pickings of the weekend crowd are far too much to give up for the homeless.  Then again Tuesday is a nothing day so I suppose it has less challenges for attention.

As far as I’m aware the #pleaseleavemytown is a reference to this…


A typically British confrontation; quietly reserved, passive-aggression met with passive acceptance and droll humour.

“My town” – one bloke with a personal opinion.  Not bubbled seals harping on thinking they speak for everyone.

Still, please leave is quite comparable to “go back to where you came from” and speaking to power is fine, speaking to simple members and voters is just a question of punching in every direction other than up but that is what we’ve become, when simple differences of opinion can see the use of certain words lose all meaning from over use and in completely the wrong context.

More civilised that the way Antifa behave at least…

Still homelessness is worthy enough cause to contribute to, after all its proponents are the first to resist the craft beer wave; why bother paying £10 for a half of an imperial stout or TIPA, when you can mix and match four cans of Kestrel, Skol, Tennent’s and Carlsberg Super Strength for the same price.


In other fake news, it turns out both Grub and Indy Man Beer Festival had to issue retractions recently.  Happy they were that rather than the white and middle class turning up to all their events, they finally managed to attract their first paying black and arab customers.

Sadly, on all occasions it turned out to be Justin Trudeau.


Thanks for reading.

Beer People Are…Fans of Assault

Turns out I was wrong and that the guy behind @themadbrewery twitter handle is the guy who “milkshaked” Farage.

It’s amazing how hair loss can change the appearance of a person.

So not only is he now a convicted criminal, unemployed, fat and unnecessarily ugly* he is also losing his hair, and all at 32.  Brian Epstein, Bruce Lee and Mama Cass never achieved this much before they died.

But yeah, political violence…whoo.

When I first saw the news that the guy had pleaded guilty to assault and criminal damage I went in search of his account to find he had locked it again but as per my duff old phone, it allowed me to see all the replies to him and quite a few caught my eye as I recognised their names.

One in particular a Mr. Matthew Curtis

What a total prat.  The kind of bloke, or close approximation*, who hides behind the bully going “yeah!”

Then I noted a fundraiser had been started for the assailant to cover his costs and fines.

Oh…who’s that again…

Now granted you can add any name you want to these things, what is more shocking is the lowly fiver donation, perhaps the beer grift doesn’t pay that well after all, or maybe it is someone pretending to be him (or honestly has the same name).


Reading through twitter and the comments on the fund raiser you do have to laugh at the mental gymnastics of it all, especially from the prick that set it up.

How everyone detests Farage so this kind of violence is acceptable.

Detests? Hmmm, a synonym of detests is hate.

And throwing things at people is a crime.

Oh god, these people are justifying a “hate crime.”


“He shouldn’t have to face further punishment because he has already lost his job.”

Because only one of either the law courts or an accused employers should be responsible for the sentencing of a criminal.  Shit, if only Ian Huntley was sacked from his job as a caretaker then he needn’t have been convicted of life imprisonment for the murder of two children, really the legal system is all backwards.

It’ll be fun, when part of your future employment is to have your financial transactions combed through.

“Let’s see, it says here Mr. Curtis you like to donate a fair bit to crowd funding sites.”

“Yes, I like to support people within the brewing industry.”

“Can you give us some examples, please?”

“Certainly, apart from my presence as a social media influencer I’ve also donated to getting new equipment for a whole manner of breweries in order that they may expand the out put and also to start ups.”

“Excellent; very commendable, who is this Paul Crowther you’ve donated to, was he the owner of a start up brewery?”

“He was a home brewer who was also convicted of criminal damage and assault.”

“Right.  Thank you for your time.”


Lets get this straight.  What anyone does with their own money is up to them but don’t be even so much as questioning someone else’s morals or political persuasions or thought or speech if you’re willing giving your money over to anyone who is a stranger and a criminal.

You may as well donate your money to the Nigerian generals that send you spam requests if that’s your view in life.


Thanks for reading.


*Red Dwarf, Season Five, Episode 1 – Holoship.

I Fantasise About Throwing Chorlton Brewery’s Battery Acid Beers at Jo Brand

The title is a joke.

It is also a massive lie.

I’ve never fantasised about Jo Brand.  I wouldn’t even rape Jo Brand.  The only time I see her is if she is on my tele and then I quickly change the channel before she makes another witty observation about cake.

I wouldn’t possess any of Chorlton Brewery’s “battery acid” beers to throw at her either as I wouldn’t have bought them, seeing as they are hard to find in Manchester for a start and therefore the only other way of getting them would be to stove in Mike’s head, or any other employee that may still work there, with a brick and steal some.

Of course I wouldn’t do any of that because bestowing physical violence, rape and theft are criminal acts and particularly heinous and nasty ones at that.

Jokes aren’t crimes.

Well, they shouldn’t be but in this day and age words and offence are far more easily taken than given.

Count Dankula – convicted of “gross indecency” for making a joke

He was warning about this.

This blog has been warning about this.

Well, not the general public.  We all carry on working as normal, having a drink and getting on with our lives and then wonder what has happened to the world around us

The mass media, the social media users and the political bubble make up the rules, make up the arguments and the faux outrage and somehow this is how laws are drafted these days.

When I was growing up it was “the right” that got offended by jokes.

In more recent history, back when Frankie Boyle had an edge and hadn’t happily compromised it for a BBC pay check he got in to trouble making a joke about the Queen.

Furore but nothing much happened.  Though Boyle didn’t last much longer on TV after that, mainly because his Channel 4 TV show wasn’t as funny as his stand-up.

This has flipped, sort of, in the last 3 years to “the left” now getting upset at everything.

Danny Baker was sacked for a tweeted joke he made.  He made it in a personal capacity.  Also at the expense of the royal family.  He apologised but in this instance the BBC sacked him.

Jo Brand made a joke about throwing acid instead of milkshakes at people she disagreed with.

And so “the right,” trying to take notes out of the new left’s offence play book have kicked up a fuss to the extent that now our useless and wholly ineffective Prime Minister has stepped in.

Boyle and Brand probably weren’t at the time/aren’t employed by the BBC, contract wise, so short of not hiring them again they can’t do much.  In both of these instances though, the programmes were recorded, edited and then the material was deemed suitable for broadcast.

Which it is.

Because it’s a fucking joke.

Baker, being employed by the BBC, was able to be sacked and as such some would say this “right wing outrage” is merely to highlight the inconsistency shown by the BBC and media in general, towards anyone said not to be on “the left.”

I get that but this action merely greases the slope even more.  It normalises bullshit like this and makes it easier for the police to waste their time investigating non-crimes like this when they should be doing real criminal investigations.  Like wrong think on social media.



Thanks for reading.