Je suis toujours Charlie

I commented on the murders of Charlie Hebdo staff by religious nutters when they happened (mainly here) (and slightly here) and now its the fifth anniversary of the killings it is probably worth noting what has changed in the world.

To be honest I feel this piece by Jonathan Ervine  does a far, far better job than I could ever do about analysing the history and the repercussions so all I can do is add my own thoughts.

Religious murder and persecutions of and by the religious still continue, no surprises but the role of blasphemy in modern life has evolved away from the deity inspired religious to those that have replaced God with their own cult and cult-life figureheads.

You can’t compare murderous zealots with these new heretic hunters because the latter don’t commit murder; but they are two cheeks of the same arse, seeking to hurt you in other ways.  To dox you.  To name and shame you.  To get you fired and to make you unemployable.

All for merely expressing an opinion that, other than being perhaps factually or historically correct, simply offends the opinions of the neo-religious.

Just offends mind.  Nothing else.  Feelings over facts.

And worst of all is that you never really know who the perpetually offend are, well you do but only after the fact in most cases.  In other cases you just learn to avoid them by the past actions and this sadly leads to trust issues and lessens interactions with strangers.

Nothing shows this turnaround more than Angela Merkel

From marching “in solidarity” with the murder Hebdo writers to this


I’m not really Charlie.  I’m a tiny blog with a tiny reach, no other online presence with merely a penchant for wanting to point out the comedic hypocrisy of the woke, sometimes through satire, sometimes with direct postings like this.

I choose anonymity so as to hopefully not bring any employers into disrepute as this blog is my own personal feelings.  The comments are open (provided you’ve already had one post approved, these aren’t my rules) and I welcome any discussion, even face to face where I wouldn’t be anonymous.

I would hope the year 2020 will bring about a realignment but I don’t hold much hope.

In the USA; the only country with free speech enshrined as law, support for the 1st amendment has been slipping over the previous decade that we now end up with

What is more strange is that the people driving this want and need do not seem to be aware of just how important free speech is for gaining real equality in society and how it was instrumental in the past to the gains that have been made.

You don’t eliminate the nasty elements of society by not allowing them to speak, or by locking them up and you certainly don’t do it by killing them.  Well technically you do but you are not going to be able to kill everybody you disagree with and they’ll probably be trying to kill you too.

You do it by debating them and showing the error of their thinking.  You can’t win the battle for hearts and minds if your own mind and heart is closed to hearing anything you don’t like.

Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants (Louis D. Brandeis, 1913/14).

This evening I toast the dead and those currently still writing for Charlie Hebdo.


Thanks for reading and all the best for 2020.

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