Manchester Public Transport Part 1 – The Scourge of Guardianista

I’ll get this out of my system first because Part 2 (whenever I get around to writing it) will be actually about the public transport system in (Greater) Manchester but as things stand now, I’ll just take this moment to laugh at a typically deluded Guardian journo, who now seems to be on a bit of a crusade after the shock of bus fares in the county hit home.

Given the begging letters you see when you ever visit the “newspaper’s” website, I take it that expenses are a bit short for the Guardian’s staff these days.  Either that or they themselves aren’t employees, meh I don’t care, it’s your life.


It’s the self-flagellation that always gets me.  The unnecessary virtue signal and moan about first world problems and then the moment of realisation that, all your own morals are expendable when broken down into the realities of hard cash.

Damn this capitalism, nationalise everything all ready.

I’d have slightly more sympathy for her supposed plight if she hadn’t followed it up with this:

“How can I possibly be expected to walk a bit in order to pay over the odds for bog standard food at restaurant prices when I’ve had to fork out for a bus an Uber.”

Life is what you make it.


Thanks for reading.


6 thoughts on “Manchester Public Transport Part 1 – The Scourge of Guardianista

  1. I’m not really sure where your first point is going. You agree public transport should be cheaper if you want more people to use it?

    Anyway, you need to be corrected on your ‘Foodie Friday’ nihilism. I’ve no concrete figures, obviously, but if it were that bad why would it be completely rammed each time it’s run? Events like this have breathed life back into what was becoming a slightly decrepit Stockport Marketplace. Just look at the number of new bars that have popped up since it started.

    • I have no problem if its popular, I have no doubt it is. What people spend their money on is of no concern to me, but clearly this austerity isn’t hitting as hard as some make out, most likely the ones that can afford street food and get drinks in these new bars.

      Public transport will not get cheaper, no one will lower their prices if many more start using it, the main point I’ll make if I ever write part 2 is the lack of connectivity and general togetherness of all the public transport modes in Greater Manchester. I’m aware of all the tricks and websites but that is because I’ve been doing this for over 20 years but you will not drive people away from their cars, no matter how much more money you make them pay to run them, if you have no infrastructure to cope with it and just where will the money come from to do that?

  2. Excellent stuff – I don’t know whether you still follow Twitter, but you make have noticed my alter ego having a go at Ms Pidd over this. It’s a simple fact of life that buses are never going to offer the convenience and flexibility of taxis and private cars. And, if you want fares to be cheaper, the only way of achieving that is through more taxpayer subsidy, often paid for by people who rarely if ever use it.

    Plus I don’t imagine Ms Pidd’s whack as a Guardian journo exactly puts her on the poverty line.

    • I of course still venture on to twitter, I recall Ms Pidd once interviewed 3 people in Wakefield who were remain and this was enough for her to assert that Wakefield wasn’t for Leave any more.

      They go beyond parody every time.

  3. I’m with you and Mudgie (not always the case). That twit irritated me immensely as someone who reckons your transport system is pretty good considering the slagging it gets. For less than four quid I get a metro day pass at Eccles that takes me all over the place at 6 minute intervals. I’ve done all my pub visiting in Gtr Manc on public transport over the years.

    And as for “I’d have had to walk 0.7 miles and plan my journey”…

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