Track Brew Co Tap Room – Quick Review

I’ve always had a soft spot for Track Brew Co of Manchester.

When I first went to the brewery and talked to the people there, they stated that they fined their beers (possibly not now) which I thought was honest and, given the unnecessary hatred craft people have for finings, a bit of a revelation.

There was also while I attended a beer festival in Leeds, the first brewery to DM me via twitter and as a fledgling beer blogger I felt that I’d “arrived,” it was the little things back then, when things were bright and new and even innocent.

So I was quite happy to hear that they were opening their own tap-room.

64 Chapeltown Street Manchester M1 2WQ.

The third floor of Crusader Mill.

Given that I’d walked from The Smithfield (and Crown & Kettle) and was coming from an unfamiliar and unplanned route I was happy that I stumbled upon it so easily and that it was well enough signposted (within the mill complex) when I got there.

Built into an area that struck me as a modern and posh version of back-to-back housing for the easily impressed, after what was about a mile of walking I was then faced with the interminable hike up narrow, short-spaced stairs.

Still, I knew that while there would be no cask (and Track cask is rather good), their keg can be just as rewarding.

The floor was reached, the smell of street food hit my nostrils and the warm heat and sound of a fair few people all gassing away greeted my senses.

The drink area was fairly bright, a bit industrial-chic but pleasant and it is a mill so to be expected.  Seating was very much long tables, like a beer hall.

I walked over to the bar it was wooden, naturally, and the list of beers was clearly written as was the pricing.

I studied the list and made my choice.




I went to another pub.


Thanks for reading.


14 thoughts on “Track Brew Co Tap Room – Quick Review

        • H’t’f’t. No, bad typing. I’ve never seen why people are desperate to retain cash as a method of payment. On what grounds? 1)Privacy? If so, that boat has probably sailed long ago. 2) Convenience? Is there anything more convenient for customer AND seller than a two second tap of a card on a machine. 3)Old folks. Is my mid-70 year old dad going to the Cloudwater tap. No.

          • I wrote a piece previously on cashless.

            1) Yes. Not sailed, unless Alex Jones was right about trackers in all notes

            2) The only thing going for it and for criminals too.

            3) Ah, the patronisation of old people. Take your dad out for a drink, buy one for him at CW, if you can afford it.

            • All easily answered. 1)There isn’t any tracking system in notes. That train of thought leads to padded rooms 2)Look after you cards and your own personal security. Never let the card leave your sight. 3)I should have said that my dad is happy using contactless without any complaints…so why aren’t you?

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