Mark The Date – I Defend Jamie Oliver

I am not a fan of Jamie Oliver

And although he is quite easy to ignore on a personal level, his random food campaigns which have such a high influence on government policy, can not be ignored.

The holier than thou one does like to pillor (pillar) the poor with his constant attacking of their choices of food and drink and then the subsequent legislation handed down by government the only way it knows, put taxes on it to nudge people off it.

It is social engineering and its most base; carried out, enforced and cheered on by the snobby elite.

But just because I don’t like the guy doesn’t mean I shouldn’t defend him from even more spurious attacks.

Jamie is currently under tweet attack for cultural appropriation

Rice is the problem.  Microwave rice.  Microwave Jamaican Jerk rice to be precise.

Launching this attack was Dawn Butler. Heiress to the throne of Diane Abbott, David Lammy without the penis (yes, I assume her gender to be female).

White people can’t do Jamaican dishes.  Behind the scenes of every Pizza Hut and Dominoes there are hordes of Italians slaving away.  Yep, even in those kebab houses the pizza’s are only cooked by Italians, the kebabs by the Turks and the burgers are only prepared by Germans, specifically from Hamburg.

Though we can walk this back and away from slurs of racism and just make it about the ingredients.

Gate open.  Horse bolted.  And is now being prepared for consumption by someone who is hopefully French. Or South American. Or whatever.


Thanks for reading.

9 thoughts on “Mark The Date – I Defend Jamie Oliver

  1. Not racist rice related but I quite like J.O. The rising obesity levels show that we really aren’t that good at making decisions on our own, so any campaign to lower sugar/fat etc has to be a good thing….dunnit?

    • No, because it’s all nanny statism and always ends up overreaching it’s initial intent. For example, the choice to have a cold fizzy drink without artificial sweeteners has been greatly reduced thanks to Mr. Oliver and his sugar tax.

      • I’ve never understood this ‘nanny state’ argument. 1) A lot of people seem unable to help themselves without state intervention and 2) If one person is slightly inconvenienced by having a reduced choice of drinks but ten people are led to a healthier lifestyle then it’s a price we’re all going to have to pay. Sorry.

        • Why are you so willing to pay for other people and their choices? I may seem like a nice thing, very altruistic but admit it, you have a list of things you like and things you don’t like.

          Don’t get me started on just how healthy are aspartame and other artificial sweeteners. The idea is choice. With all drinks you had diet versions of EVERYTHING and a full sugar version and even the option not to drink it. People had the choice. Now they reduce the sugar in the full version and fill it with other chemical crap.

          Ironically just this weekend I was drinking a can of Old Jamaican ginger beer (no idea how Jamaican is actually is) and noted the taste difference. Compared it to an old bottle I had, reduced the sugar and bunged in sucralose. Won’t be drinking that again.

          • I have foods I like and dislike and I also know about foods that are bad for you and foods that aren’t. You’re able to restrict yourself to one fizzy Jamaican themed beverage a day, but clearly a lot of people aren’t. We’re all paying for their healthcare. Remove the bad stuff, replace it with good stuff and Bob’s your uncle.

            • They are probably paying for their healthcare, via tax, like everyone else. Unless you are making a massive generalisation and assumption about the type of people that need state “help”, health wise.

  2. I thought that until I heard (two minutes of) a discussion about it on Radio 5 with Rusty “Salt Promotion” Lee and it all seemed to come down to the word “Jerk” and how it is meaningless in the context he used it, a meat marinade or something, and how he’d just thrown it in to make it sound West Indian. That arrogant lack of authenticity argument I can get behind.

    • Product sold on a misrepresentation. Oliver isn’t the first. In fact food is great at that shit….0% fat….but fuck loads of sugar.

      To be fair, I would take that point entirely but this piece was brought about by Butler’s initial tweet (and Clive, forget his surname, Labour MP) play the racism card from the outset.

      Oddly I’m now thinking of Rusty Lee laughing as Faith Brown does an impression of her by wearing tights on her head…

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