Today in Craft Beer Wut – The Capitalist Communist

My “I’m not on twitter but still read specific twitter feeds every so often” (mainly actual brewers, for information without the white noise) does really pick up around now as its Manchester Beer Week and while I currently pen a response to the “”Diversity” Manifesto” I stumbled across this thread of tweets from Liverpool’s Mad Hatter Brewing, which could indicate that someone is ingesting mercury somewhere amongst their food and beverage intake.

In a thread of 22 tweets it starts off sensibly and logical…

Paints a good background of a fledging brewery starting up mixed in with real world situations (kids, bills, housing, etc.)

Then, halfway through it starts to go off a bit…


Is this worse than the nightmare of cake?*

What. The. Fuck?


Are we taking the piss now?  Is this a parody?

I hope you paid for the microphone you just dropped.

I hear Venezuela is a nice place to open a brewery, good socialist and communist principles over there.


Thanks for reading.


*Its a Brass Eye reference


4 thoughts on “Today in Craft Beer Wut – The Capitalist Communist

  1. In the new communist utopia ddh ipas will flow from the taps and monuments in Trafalgar Square will depict the craft brewer’s heroic struggles against the evil brewing conglomerates.

  2. The ‘diversity manifesto’ did make me raise an eyebrow so high I had to go upstairs to get it back…

  3. Apt name for the brewery, the guy sounds like a fucking nutter. I’ve muted all these idiots on Twitter, particularly Clarissa Mole who I find to be a particularly humourless virtue-signalling busy-body, so I miss a lot of this fuckwittery.

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