A Joke – Highlighting the Joke that is UK Justice and Freedom of Speech


If you’re in the UK you may not be able to see this video…think about that…

I’d been meaning to write about this for a while but figured I’d let is play out to an actual verdict and while the sentencing will happen in April the sentence for telling a joke has been passed.

Guilty of being Grossly Offensive.

The story is that a young internet comedian called known as Count Dankula, who actually has one of the more lovely Scottish accents, thought it would be funny if he could take his girlfriend’s Pug (Buddah, no sure on the spelling, blame the lovely accent), a cute, loveable, soppy looking dog and make it unappealing by getting it to react to certain phrases and commands.

He posted the above video (which you should probably watch for context…and for a good laugh, using a VPN) of said dog reacting to phrases such as “gas the Jews” and taught it to give Sieg Heil salutes and watching the speeches of Adolf Hitler.

Yes a dog watching the videos of Hitler is apparently not funny.  Not even not funny but as of sentencing today, Grossly Offensive.

A quick look on Dankula’s twitter feed even suggest that he may be tagged and subject to being placed under house arrest in what is lovingly called a “Restriction Of Liberty Order.”

This is the state of Scotland today.

This is the state of the UK today.

This is the state of Free Speech in the UK today.

There isn’t much more I can add, call it a logical fallacy but the slippery slope has just been tipped further towards tyranny.


Thanks for reading.

Edit: Someone put up a mirror to the video, so people in the UK should be able to see it, for now.


25 thoughts on “A Joke – Highlighting the Joke that is UK Justice and Freedom of Speech

  1. Simply for using the word ‘dank’ and the heinous use of ‘dug’ for ‘dog’ he deserves a million lashes alone. Cretinous.

  2. Sorry mate, time is all relative when you’ve got a toddler. Banning this guy seems a little harsh, however, freedom of speech doesn’t mean you free reign to deliberately be an offensive twat. Does it?

      • I know freedom of speech is your reason for being so I’m not sure anything I said in any kind of debate would alter that view. Personally, I think laws are there to protect the general population and that they work well the majority of the time. Also, if that English Defence League thing mentioned by the other poster is true he’s got no leg to stand on.

  3. I haven’t seen it, you can’t watch it above anymore, but when I heard that one of the dog Nazi salutes was to the phrase “gas the Jews”, and that he was supported in court by that English Defence League bloke, then the verdict sounds absolutely just about fine to me.

    • To you and to Brendon, yes, Tommy Robinson was present. If you are both dealing in guilt by association than damn the pair of you.

      This is the problem, whether you agree with Robinson or not, a void has been created for what is free speech, free expression and now what is a “hate crime” or even perceived as such.

      So what should be a simple case, for me as free speech, it can now be hijacked by fringe elements and the cycle beings downwards as you two have now clearly proved.

      Your logic would now suggest that by me siding with Count Dankula and now associate with Tommy Robinson and therefore am associated too with his past. Excellent.

      Please view this thread from a human right lawyer which saliently argues the slope we are on..

      • Guilt by association is a ridiculous argument as it pertains to free speech but such is the modern world. Count Dracula could be agreeing with you but if your point is sound it shouldn’t matter!

      • Having seen the video now it’s worse than I imagined. And not funny either. I couldn’t even watch it to the end.

        Someone being so sociopathic to find no issue with the horrors of the holocaust, not just in private but in public to get a reputation for himself, I have no problem with the law of the land slapping him down. You may call that a detriment to free speech but I call that fair game.

        And as they just said on the local radio: if your aim in court was to prove it was a joke, and that you we’re a racist, then it seems a bit peculiar to take a prominent racist along with you to argue on your behalf.

        • You are aware of my family history aren’t you? You did in fact like my post where I explained it quite clearly, I guess I must be sociopathic too, who knew.

          And your local radio appears to not have been paying attention to the trial, Robinson turned up for the verdict and later carried out an interview with him, no arguing on his behalf, but I suppose sharing a platform is enough to cause offence to you and others trying to tie up everything in a nice, neat bundle.

          Surprised you managed to make it through Brass Eye.

      • I’m not making that association at all. However, most normal, sensible people would associate that not-right Tommy Robinson or anything to do with the ‘EDL’ as being a line which they cannot cross. He had an opportunity to distance himself from these elements but didn’t do so = damned by association.

  4. Having not seen this it is difficult to comment on it with any accuracy; what I have read describes it as a clumsy attempt at a humorous prank. It should be fairly obvious to anyone that this was intended as a joke and to be convicted of being offensive should be a worry for everyone and particularly anyone concerned with production of art, film, comedy etc.
    Context should also be taken into account in cases such as these. Standing in Piccadilly Gardens shouting “gas the Jews” should obviously be treated differently than saying it to a dog to get a laugh on the internet

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