One in the Pink, Brewdog in the Stink


I feel cheap linking to Brewdog, I feel cheap writing about it

It is quite simple to grab attention these days but the relative shit storm that greeted this huge virtue signal warms my cockles.

It appears I have to be kept in all beer/twitter related rages via my mates on Whatsapp, then like prodding a sore tooth I step foot onto said social media platform and then disappear down a rabbit hole of shit for an hour.

Of course in this wonderful age of mainly faux outrage, trying to look like you’re at the forefront of equality and not just using it as a cheap marketing tool is always going to be difficult but as with anything Brewdog related, it is just being talked about that is enough, positive or negative in unimportant.

Of course what needs to be clarified, when parody is not enough is this…


Terrible maths built on top of agendas of rage built on foundations of shit of every kind.

But I suppose if I genuinely had a liking for Punk IPA I might stroll into their Manchester bar and simply demand my 20% off Pink IPA as, at least for that day, I will identify as a female.

The politicising of the most banal things infests everything these days.

Black Panther was made out to be something greater than just a super hero film with black actors in it, when everyone fawning over it seemed to forget about previous heroes films like Hancock (Will Smith) or the good, great and dog-shit Blade Trilogy (Wesley Snipes) to name a few.

Same goes with Wonder Woman the previous year. In fact one cinema in the US hosted “women only” showings of it.  Then had to append it to “identify as women” to full assuage the temper tantrum brats out there.

Wonder Woman and Black Panther were/are successes because the general public want to see a good, entertaining film; gender and race seldom enter into it.  If everyone was so pumped for Wonder Woman then perhaps Justice League wouldn’t have been a major flop.

Why am I talking films?  Because if I may suggest that all beer is also actually a craft (and not craft, if that makes sense), then like films and music people are injecting segregation.

It is not about equality or finding a balance, it is becoming an unnecessary need to find and sew division when there needn’t be any.  The “with us or against us” diatribe is a nonsense but it is playing up big time both in the entertainment industry and it would seem, the beer world.

And like I don’t care who stars or directs or writes the films I go and see, I just want to see something good, nor do I care about the gender behind the mash paddle; it could be a 3-headed elephant like creature with 5 breasts, 3 vaginas, 2 penises and a plethora of gonads and I would not care a jot as long as the beer was good.

One final thought on this subject of segregation, while swimming through twitter shit I saw this…

Now I can firstly assume that the women only tasting is also open to those who “identify as a woman” too but either way after being told that beer has to be more inclusive it seems a sad indictment that, private entity or not, the wonderful Rutland Arms, the organiser(s) of Sheffield Beer Week and Ladies that Beer would think this was a good direction to go in.

I know the theory behind it, I understand it, I simply don’t agree with it and if equality is supposed to be some kind of virtuous and moral stance then this, well it’s discrimination isn’t it?

Plus I’m wondering if the staff at the Rutland Arms will all be female for the 2pm tasting too?

Meh.  In the end I obviously cared enough to write this piece about it but this is just a distillation of events that lead to disillusionment.  The above are genuine questions, so if anyone reading this wants to point this piece in the direction of those involved then the comments are always open (pending spam block) for replies.


Thanks for reading.




10 thoughts on “One in the Pink, Brewdog in the Stink

  1. People remember Hancock?
    People watched Hancock?
    It was a superhero film?

    I don’t know if I even saw the end of the Blade Trilogy. I couldn’t get over them killing off (SPOILERS) Kris Kristofferson and then bringing him back in the next film…when they realised there was going to be one.

    • Budget: $150 million. Box office: $624.4 million. Quite a few watched it. Plus it seems to be on fairly regularly on TV. Blade Trinity (3) is quite terrible. I was actually going to do a piece about it.

      • I just pulled the trailer up. It actually looks quite watchable. All that impacted upon me was the stupid name (because naturally over here Hancock is Tony) and that it was a Will Smith film. Will Smith: the Dennis Waterman of America.

        I guess you could say the difference between Blade & Hancock and Black Panther (Dark Panther in some territories…mostly Tesco) is that they shoved big puffed-up names in the former whilst the latter seems to be made up (I haven’t seen it I’m a few Marvels behind) of a lot of less-known black actors.

        Do your Blade thing then and I can work out if I’ve seen the end or not.

  2. Leaving aside the Brewdog thing, would you like to show your working on the “GENDER PAY GAP IS FUCKING BULLSHIT” claim?

    • Yes, its based on a median average of all jobs within individual companies. Jobs which are not comparable. A recent example would be with EasyJet. Pilots, predominantly male, will always earn more than any other staff they employ.

      Discussing equality of opportunity is one thing, as is if there is a pay gap between actual comparable jobs (which is illegal in the UK under current employment law), but to say a company has a pay gap of X% is a nonsense based on, as I said in the piece, terrible and extremely disingenuous maths.

      • It’s amazing how readily people believe the concept of the gender pay gap as it is reported in the media. It’s not difficult and takes little research to find out the truth, as backed up by statistics. I guess it’s easier to simply accept that people are paid differently for the same job rather than engage in debate about equality of opportunity or even consider that people may be predisposed to pursue certain careers.
        With regard to beer/Twitter outrages it seems like people can find something offensive if they look hard enough, which they seem to be doing with increasing regularity.

  3. Predisposed to pursue certain careers? You make it sound like people think about what they want to do and have an actual choice.

    This surely cannot be the case, as has been proved; because they’ve all lost their jobs, no woman would ever want to actually be a grid girl in F1 or walk on with darts players.

  4. This is going to seem inflammatory, but you’re writing this article from the viewpoint of a white man. Do you think you would have the same view if you were a BAME female?

    • It’s not inflammatory but same view on what, I’ve covered a few points here?

      But talking of the BAME thing, standing for Black, Asian Minority Ethnic it, as far as I’m concerned treats very different cultures and races as one homogeneous blob.

      Speaking as a white male, I wouldn’t wish to speak for others, only offer my opinion but I suppose that is where the world is going wrong, lots of people being offended on behalf of others without really having a clue if they would be offended in the first place.

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