Beer & Food Pairings – Careful Now

Twitter polls are fun – it seems Sunday’s are the time for beer related ones and other that the regular #hopinions that Beer O’Clock show pods loving fires out on God’s day there was one and a subsequent blog piece by the former Ale Bastard now more journalistically savvily named Yes Ale

The poll was about whether beer and food pairings were possibly going to become common place in, what I suspect was certain places.  I was adament it wouldn’t be the case, in fact I’d go as far to say it probably won’t ever be but it was actually his blog that reminded me that after a random day drinking around Manchester centre, myself and a group of acquaintences had ended up at the Red’s BBQ place and I had noted that most of thier meals came with beer suggestions, all of which were ultimately ignored, by everyone at the table.

I like food, I like it a lot.

I like beer, I like it a lot.

The two together – nope.

This is merely a personal and actual physical thing where on my palate both things are ruined rather than complemented and it isn’t a case of not finding the right pairings because for some odd reason, probably to do with the occasion and general vibe, constant eating at a beer festival is easy, a sit-down meal with a side of beers, far from it.

The closest I thought a good pairing would be considered menu worthy was a sorachi ace beer (I forget which one, it isn’t important) with a meat dish with sriracha chili sauce and that is about as well to do as it gets.  Give me pub snacks with my pint, or stodgey festival fodder and you’re laughing but that is me chosing what I want to eat with the beer I’ve chosen, what I don’t want is for the beer to be chosen for me.

I noted  when last at the Alphabet/Grub Brewery Tap that happens most Saturdays in Manchester that they suggest food to go with the beers.  Convieniently each beer goes with a food from each food stall and of course they are only suggestions, there is no compulsion but sometimes nothing beats a pint of bitter with those odd packets of Ploughmans.

The wineification of beer won’t happen but I fully expect quite a few people to make quite a bit of money out of people before most realise they’ve been conned into a taste of a lifestyle that their pay day loans won’t support.

One finally thought, with so many beers desperately trying to be more like food and be as far away from beer as possible, why bother pairing it, just keep on guzzling down murk bombs stuffed with lactose and fruit juices and save money by buying a few packets of Cheese Moments.


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Day 10 – #12BeersofXmas 2016

Day 10 – #12BeersofXmas 2016


Brewery – Buxton Brewery

Location – Buxton (duurrr), Derbyshire.

The Drink: Double Axe

ABV: 10.4% – 330mL

Style: Barrel Aged Double IPA

Additional info: Brewed to celebrate their 200th gyle, suitable for cellar again (bottled: 05/04/2016)

Pouring with a wispy but retained white head its colour is a deep, deep gold, it has apparently been aged in Armagnac (brandy) barrels. It has a very subtle nose for such a big beer, certainly hoppy but very restrained.  The taste is thick syrup, honey-like but so very smooth with a light bitterness in the after taste.  Another dangerous drink that doesn’t taste its strength.


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Day 9 – #12BeersofXmas 2016

Day 9 – #12BeersofXmas 2016


Brewery – BlackJack Beers

Location – Manchester

The Drink: Ace of Spades

ABV: 10% – 330mL

Style: Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Additional info: I drank this yesterday and don’t have the bottle.

What I do remember is that this bottle says it is BlackJack’s strongest beer to date and boy is it good.

Pouring obsidian black with a frothy and well retained brown-tinged-cream head it is well carbonated but has a silky mouth feel.  It drinks big, strong and boozy which I prefer and has the slight hint of cherries in the taste and in the aroma, but it is all about the power of the alcohol and the usual stout notes (coffee, liquorice, etc) that make this an excellent fireside drink.

This post was due on the 28th of December 2016, the one year anniversary of the death of Lemmy Kilmister – who died in 2015 (and not 2016 as the mawkish and quite frankly shit Sgt. Pepper death cover incorrectly groups him on).

Also dedicated to Philthy Animal Taylor, Motorhead’s original drummer who also died in 2015.

Brought to you by…well it was going to be Overkill but I’ve head this in my head all week…


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