Day 4 – #12BeersofXmas

Day 4 – #12BeersofXmas 2016


Brewery – Quantum Brewery

Location – Formerly Stockport, Greater Manchester, Cheshire.

The Drink: Coconut and Passionfruit Porter

ABV: 6.0% – 330ml

Style: Porter

Additional info:

Magnum hops; Pale, Cara, Melanoidin, Munich, Oats, Chocolate & roasted barley malts, US05 yeast.

Quantum  Brewery is dead, long live Quantum Brewery.

The only Q brewery in my brewers list announced their ending in late 2016 with the head brewer wanting to actually brew rather than run a business – a common lament amongst many micro-brewers that are basically one man bands.


The beer itself opens with little carbonation and a frothy cream-brown head that quickly disapates.  For me the coconut is absent in both smell and taste but the passionfruit is represented large.  The aroma is all acidic fruits, the taste more or less the same, so for me, not a porter in the slightest but it drinks well, with a smooth mouthfeel and a nice bitter aftertaste that doesn’t outstay its welcome.  Not one for the purists but then again that never seemed to be Quantum’s M.O.

Quantum were one of the first breweries to follow me on Twitter and have had as entertaining online presence as their beers have been non-standard and never afraid to experiment or be massively out there.  Their beers have always been a gamble, the more simpler beers working well, the experiments more hit than miss but what is brewing if you can’t push the boat out.

Jay goes off to brew with the fanboy behemoth that is Cloudwater and that is something that everyone gains from and can only bring good things to all involved, so all the best for the future to everyone in 2017 and beyond.

Done, done, on to the next one…

This post was brought to you by, well it would be too obvious to make another Foo Fighters reference, plus I’ve not listened to them for ages, no this post was written to Kyuss and the mighty Gardenia…

Thanks for reading.


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