Day 3 – #12BeersofXmas

Day 3 – #12BeersofXmas 2016


Brewery – Twisted Barrel Ale

Location – FarGo Village, somewhere that no transport links up with

The Drink: Inspired

ABV: 4.7% – 330ml

Style: Pale Ale

Additional info:

37IBU, 1.045 OG, 11 EBC, Safale US05Yeast, Batch: TOS42543.

To geeks and nerds out there that batch number, as with all their batch numbers are supposed to be some uber-reference to something sci-fi or other.  A previous incantation was TNG (The Next Generation) so you can see what furrow they plough in that respect.

I’ve had quite a lot of their beers recently thanks to Bargain Booze in Davenport stocking most of their range, and I have yet to be disappointed by any of them.

So for this reveiw I will make a small mea culpa in that I’ve got some bigger beers by them but given the time of day and later plans I opted for this one.  Then again it is good to vary the beers, who wants to continually read about 10% DIPAs and Imperial Stouts all the time.

It seems this particular beer may be a pale ale with an ever-changing range of hops but I seek clarification on this.  This version of the beer opens with a fizz, good carbonation and good head retention till the end.  It pouts a beautiful clear, golden colour.  Smooth in the mouth with a good bitter bite and a nice little dry after taste.

They are based somewhere in the Midlands no one knows for sure, I mean there is this bloke on twitter who bangs on about rabbits and brewing and that they have a very good brewery tap but for some reason he never mentions where they are based.  He seems more obssessed with completing his own personalised calendar.

A naked woman on horseback rings some kind of bell but that might be another of their obscure beer batch references.

In short, seek out their beers, especially the black IPA called Call of Korriban


This post was brought to you  by…

The Wildhearts, who are based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, definitely not where Twisted Barrel are based, or on the way to it.


Thanks for reading.


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