Day 2 – #12BeersofXmas 2016

Day 2 – #12BeersofXmas 2016



Brewery – Marble Beers

Location – Manchester.

The Drink: Sister Agnes (Signora Laurentini)

ABV: 9.7% – 330ml

Style: Old Ale, aged with Morello Cherry and Brettanomyces

So in my Golden Pints of 2016 I gave Marble’s “Old Ale” my beer of the year.  That is was from gravity cask shows how well it stood up, to me at least, as a drink when delivery from the least favoured of beer delivery systems.

Now comes another aged version.  It pours a deep but vibrant brown, the head quickly dissipates but the carbonation in the mouth is noticeable amongst the smoothness of the overall beer.

Its a beer of nothing but positive contradictions.  You know you’re drinking a big, strong beer but it arguably drinks like something half it strength.  It is something you can drink fast or spend an age over *insert obvious by the fire in the middle of winter cliché here*

John Clarke (@Beer4John) suggest drinking it in a years time.  This would mean the purchase of another bottle.  Something I’m not going to say no to.

2016 has been quite the year for Marble and their newest beers, some of which have been up their with the best I’ve had (Damage Plan, Damage Plan, Damage Plan) so to end, I just have one, hopefully small request to Marble for 2017 – please, put your logo on your bottle tops.

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The last time the Hetfield/Ulrich partnership wrote a truly great song.

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