Golden Pints 2016



This is my entry into the Golden Pints of 2016, also known as the “bloggers just make up awards for specific things they wish to heap praise on, generally done by their mates.”

Also also known as “beer bloggers try, generally in vain, to make a blog that isn’t about themselves”

Best UK Cask Beer – This and the keg beer were more or less going to be the same as last year, that was until last weekend’s brewery taps happened.  As it stands the same to breweries get the awards, only swapped around and with different beers. Viva la Change.  Wee Beastie by Beer Nouveau gets my vote

Best UK Keg Beer – Evil Keg Filth award goes to – Triple Cone by Track Brew Co. which narrowly beats out Damage Plan by Marble Beers.

Best UK Bottle or Can – Bottle goes to Three’s Company by Magic Rock, CloudWater and JW Lees yeast.  Can goes to Weightless by RedWillow Brewery.

Best Overseas Draught – Anything by Weird Beard Brew Co. of that there London.

Best Overseas Bottled or Canned Beer – Anything by Kernel Brewery of that there London.

Best Collaboration Brew – Hmmm, I’ll go with Five Towns Brewery and the Beauty and the Beast made in collaboration with Beers Manchester…and me…(again I’d like to thank the academy, my mum and dad…)

Best Twitter CollaborationThe conversation and knowledge exchanges between @CheshireBrewShane and @tabamatu (Andy Parker)(of Elusive) are a pleasure to watch.  In fact most things involving Shane on twitter are always interesting.

Best Overall Beer – Old Ale by Marble – had this in February on bloody gravity cask and it still stays stuck in my head.

Best Branding, Pumpclip or Label – Marble and their metal series

Best UK Brewery – I can’t decide, its been quite a close and competitive year.

Best Overseas Brewery –  Anheuser-Busch InBev – come on, they’ll soon own everything, some of it will be good.

Best New Brewery Opening 2016 – Elusive Brewing

Pub/Bar of the Year – I still won’t be drawn on, there are too many good ones.

Beer Festival of the Year – Easily Salford Beer Festival  and if you missed out then…well, hope springs eternal.  Not enough praise can be heaped on @BeersManchester for the effort he put(s) in.

Supermarket of the Year –Still don’t use supermarkets for beer shopping.

Independent Retailer of the YearBargain Booze in Davenport operates as a franchise and they get in some great local and further afield UK beers at good prices.  I was going to finally spill as to who and where my mystery beer shop is but to be fair their customer service is massively lacking so in lieu of that and if Bargain Booze isn’t independent enough then I’ll go with Heaton Hops.

Online Retailer of the Year – Not shopped online for beer in 2016.

Best Beer Book or Magazine – Meh

Best Beer Blog or Website – I would like to put forward a fair few here.

@MarkNJohnson for his BeerCumonmyfaceyoupleb blog for consistency on and about and a wide variety of subjects.

@oldmudgie for The Pub Curmudgeon for his clear pieces about the health fascists out there.

In a more classical beer blog sense I’ll dual nominate @StymieSi (British Real Ale Pub Adventure) and @NHS_Martin (Retired Martin) for their fantastic work on visiting and writing about pubs.

Best Beer Blog Piece –

Best Beer AppTwitter. Untappd for badgewanking.

Best Beer & Food Pairing – Just visit any Manchester brewery tap, one that especially has involvement by @GRUBMCR on the food side of things and you’ll find something.  I’ve found many, too numerous to mention.

Simon Johnson Award for Best Beer Twitterer – @CraftBeerHour – granted it’s a collective effort but I can think of nothing better than bouncing ideas of fellow beer drinkers and brewers, well apart from going to the pub with the same group, which would be financially crippling.

Best Brewery Website/Social mediaSquawk Brewing Co (@SQUAWKBrewingCo) – you like beer, food, wild animals and 80’s cheese then this is just pure entertainment.

Golden Shites 2016 – Beer not being beer. Mango Lassi, Lemon Meringue Cream Pie – FUCK OFF.

Apologies for lack of hot-linking to the winners, this will be rectified when I get my old computer back.

Thanks for reading.

Roll on 2017


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