Brewing Up A Political Storm

Subtitle: You can’t filter out agendas with Isinglass

May you live in interesting times goes the alleged Chinese proverb brought to my attention by the writings of Terry Pratchett and we certainly do in 2016.

I don’t think it remiss to point out that as broad as the spectrum is that drink beer you would probably suggest that the older “CAMRA” set are to the conservative right and the younger “CRAFT” set are to the liberal left and while I’m not one for grouping people along political lines it would seem that many brewers and bloggers in the beer bubble, to their own detriment, probably do so.

The EU referendum vote in the UK on 23rd of June, that ended up with the result being to leave the European Union caused fissions, unsurprisingly many on my twitter time-line were for Remain.

Schisms formed on 8th November with the results of the US presidential election that saw Donald Trump become the elected, prospective 45th president of the USA.

Of course this lead to more fallout from breweries, brewers and bloggers on twitter.

One tweet caught my eye, from an actual brewery account and I’m not going to post it here simply because this is neither about naming and “shaming” (free speech is an absolute, even “hate” speech) nor do I bear any grudge towards the brewery or the brewer (he is a nice chap) or wish to see his business suffer.

Thing was, they (he) called for the assassination of Trump.  Now, whatever your feelings and political leanings are, two things struck me about that:

  1. Calling for the death of someone, in jest requiring a very broad context, is not right (choose other hyperboles)
  2. Using a business account to do so is stupid.

Then again many brewers & business owners in general, have personal accounts from which to let forth their own thoughts and despite all the caveats they may have in their biographies sometimes it can be guilt by association.

What is also striking is the lack of people who called out the brewery on this tweet and also subsequent tweets about boycotting specific countries.

We can probably, fairly postulate that many people didn’t even see the “assassination tweet” but to those that did see it and did not pass comment on it, you really do need to look inside yourselves and question that whatever morals and integrity you bleat about so often, is it that honestly what you actually practice.


“We use selective annihilation of mayors and government officials, for example, to destroy the presence of the state and create a vacuum. Then we fill that vacuum.”


Thanks for reading.

9 thoughts on “Brewing Up A Political Storm

    • I can appreciate that, I know my branch certainly are, older socialist and commies.

      I would suggest that with their “conservative” view on beer (cask beer only, etc) however unrepresentative that is, that is the picture that is painted by those that wish to portray themselves as the opposite to being sexist, conservative and nearly dead.

  1. Violence never resolves anything, but I actually found it refreshing that someone actually said what they really felt rather than the usual prepacked corporate bollocks. The person concerned is pretty much a one man band so if it goes tits up, it’s his own fault. Keep ’em coming, I say!

    • Incitement to violence is a crime in this country, whatever my or anyone’s feelings are on free speech.

      But given that people get their knickers in a twist more about pumpclips with tits on them, then I suppose I’m not shocked no one complains when someone calls for the death of someone they simply don’t agree with.

  2. Regardless of one’s political views, advocating the assassination of democratically elected politicians really is beyond the pale. During WW2 the British government agonised over whether assassinating Hitler would be a moral act.

    • I think the British government didn’t assassinate Hitler because it was quite a difficult thing to do. They just bombed Dresden instead.

      Is it the fact that he is democratically elected that makes it beyond the pale? Personally, I think that asking for anyone to be killed is uncool.

  3. I have to admit, I told him off for at least partly selfish reasons. I’d only been following him a while, and did meet up with him here where I live (Franconia, Germany) a couple of months ago to show him and his colleague around a few rustic beer places, as part of his research into rustic Franconian lager. But as an American living abroad (civilian ex-pat 12 years on now, permanent residency here), I’m a bit sensitive to the idea of the Polizei knocking on my door, asking what I know about this English chap publicly calling for the assination of the president-elect of the US.

    The US Secret Service follow up on these things. It is a federal crime in the US, to threaten elected officials above some level or other. I’d be very surprised if this doesn’t eventually get looked in to, and he of the sour beer doesn’t get a visit from some arm of the law or other.

    I’d had him muted, and so only knew of the bad tweet from Mudgie commenting on it in a re-tweet. Otherwise I might still be following him.

    FWIW, I’m solidly left of centre myself, as I choose to describe it. Am I happy about the coming political developments in the US and their effects on the rest of the world? Nope. But still. You don’t even joke about such things.

    Oh, and I do recall him commenting on how “we’re trying to clean up beer labels in the UK these days”.

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