Inflating the Bubble – Manchester City Centre CAMRA Branch


Arbitrary boundaries (2 words I don’t seem to be able to spell first time around) between CAMRA branches are a strange thing, a bit like borders between countries but with a bit more squabbling involved.

Take, for example the boundary of the South East Lancashire Branch, which somehow incorporates Newton-Le-Willows, a place that falls under Merseyside and would technically be in the St. Helens branch if it wasn’t for the fact the Newton is “historically part of Lancashire”.

Then again, on social media SEL CAMRA gets confused regularly with the other SEL CAMRA of South East London, so what’s in a name?

Borders are a strange thing, my regularly updated list of the Greater Manchester Brewers still gets comments about the location and therefore inclusion of some brewers and likewise, the absence of the others.

Stockport itself is up for debate as to where it lies and being a fan of Game of Thrones, I was looking up actors that were in it and the biography below made me chuckle…



Here is a link to how the different branches of Manchester County CAMRA branches fit into each other.

Not on that map are the branches of Bolton and Wigan, who themselves are the best of frenemies, let alone with SEL (the northern one) thrown into the mix.

If you look at the map of how the branches meld together you can see how the city centre of Manchester and therefore those with the most well known breweries and the “best pubs and bars”, was carved up between North Manchester, Trafford & Hulme and Stockport & South Manchester.

…Welcome to West Berlin.

I wrote before about how too much of the focus of Greater Manchester is on the city centre and CAMRA is not immune from that, in so much as the 3 branches chose to seemingly be rather more proactive about the places within the little bits of the city they occupied at the expense of the rest of their branch.

Hence, to stop this squabbling the City Centre Branch was formed, borders were thrown up and North Manchester threw its pubs out and over the Irwell and became the Salford Branch.

This territory embargo also extends to local branch manifestos.  Beer Breaks is the publication of Bolton CAMRA, Swiggin in Wiggin is the magazine of the Pie-Eaters.  There was a publication called Ale of Two Cities, which covered a fair few branches, but with the main editor giving up everybody ran to fit into Opening Times, itself containing liggers from the High Peak and Macclesfield branches, borders be damned when it comes to publicity it seems.

Of course being a member of CAMRA doesn’t mean you have to stick with the branch that is printed on your membership card, you can attend any meeting you so wish.

CAMRA itself it undergoing a bit of a makeover but its own Revitalisation Project is only highlighting the schizophrenic nature of the organisation, especially when it comes to pubs and it just so happens that like many apparently open minded, non-CAMRA beer drinkers, their snobby ways pushes them away from their local and apparently “rubbish” pubs and into those that serve their own narcissistic needs far more.

The very people that talk about buying local and then wonder why everything near them is closing down and boarded up.

Still, so long as you have choice…


Thanks for reading.



11 thoughts on “Inflating the Bubble – Manchester City Centre CAMRA Branch

  1. I’d very much call into question Stockport branch focusing on the Manchester City Centre pubs in its turf. Also, isn’t it better that by creating a City Centre branch CAMRA are giving people more choice of where to attend?

    • Nice to see so many local CAMRA stalwarts commenting on this.

      You too Brendon.

      I think Mudgie points out below and it would be something I agree with that SSM probably focuses on Stockport centre too much rather than Manchester centre, I also think the piece Mudge has just posted probably expands on any points I was trying to make here.

      Rest assured, your drive on social media has shown how other branches should behave, especially with you ability to push all local events and places.

  2. Excellent stuff, although I suppose in some people’s minds “keeping local” is just for the “little people”.

    “Beer miles – great idea! Save the planet! Ooh, Dogfish Head! Shinee!”

    As a long-standing member of Stockport & South Manchester Branch, I don’t think we ever over-promoted our bit of the city centre at the expense of the rest of our area. If anything, our failing has been over-promoting Stockport town centre at the expense of both South Manchester and Stockport suburbs.

  3. More like “baffling stuff” rather than “excellent stuff”. Interested by the reference about everybody running to fit into Opening Times – can’t say I’ve noticed that and I edit the bloody thing. It covers the same area as it’s always done.

    • I know you edit it, I enjoy reading it, but since Mr Bence buggered off my branch is without any publication and I hadn’t paid much attention to what branches Opening Times covered until this occurred, as such it struck me as odd that some branches are (or rather were) dipping their feet in many publications.

      This shines a light more on my branch’s lack of oommpff rather than castigating anyone elses.

  4. And you missed out Rochdale, Oldham and Bury, the biggest branch in Greater Manchester. Bonus. No boundary disputes and our own Branch Magazine – More Beer.

    No confusion here. We have comparatively few major free houses and therefore, hopefully, your accusations are less valid here. I reckon we keep it pretty local.

    But I would, wouldn’t I?

    • I purposely missed out ROB simply because they weren’t part of the carve up of Manchester city centre, bar only working a few of the ROB festival, I don’t know how the branch operates and more importantly, there is this ROB character called Dave Rigby and the less opportunity I give him to open is mouth, then the happier everyone can be.

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