Marble 57 Thomas Street…What Are the 39 Steps?


After the “success” of my drunken blog about Cafe Beermoth this is the the next in a non-existent series I threatened to do.

And apparently I do mean threaten…

To be fair I have no idea why I put a Flash Gordon/Brian Blessed reference into that previous review title and the one I had planned for this review I promptly forgot on the walk to the train station, so please make do with reference to one of Hitchcock’s (and the world’s) greatest ever films.

While I tarry some more please cast your eyes over some previous reviews by Si, the Leeds BeerWolf and Tom “Full Fat” Ingham

(While I great increasingly pissed off at how wordpress links links to other wordpress blogs)

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This is the downstairs – if you’ve been before you should be semi-familiar with it.  Gone is the long “strangers drink together” table, replaced by smaller, raised tables and a more open bar serving keg beers (and spirits).

They also do far more food the previously, this is because, with the 1st floor now being open they have room for a bigger kitchen…


Which you can barely make out to the right of the photo above but what is does it mercilessly taunt the senses of all those upstairs into wanting food.

That is if you aren’t playing “Jenga”


Quite where you play Jenga Jeronimo remains to be witnessed.


When I was there there was a huge centre table, reminiscent of the original beast originally downstairs but I am unsure as to whether this was merely because a large group was there and had pushed smaller tables together.


I went in the revamped 57 Thomas Street sometime between Christmas and New Year of 2015 (when it was just the ground floor) and now it has 2 floors it does feel very much like two microbars stacked on top of each other.

The mood is relaxed, more so upstairs but for me it was a tad confusing.

When you walk in on the ground floor you see a big price list for all the keg (this is from memory).

When you walk upstairs the same kegs are on the front bar but there is no price list for them that I could see.

You have a price list for cask and cocktails, with the food list being downstairs (see above picture) and menus on the tables when required.

The casks are gravity, stored in what appears to be a temperature controlled room behind the bar.  It is a bit odd to see the bar staff walk away from you before reappearing in some kind of space station air-lock but you quickly get used to it.

The beer is reasonably priced for a Northern Quarter haunt and the atmosphere is both neither poncey nor repressive like I get in some other NQ establishments.

In short – blah, blah, yes its gravity cask – but given the choice and the relatively short walking distance, this would be my port of call if I wanted/needed a quick, quality drink before getting the train from Manchester Victoria.


Thanks for reading.

Addendum (25th Feb 2016)


This is the hand dryer in the men’s toilet – far, far better than the one in Cafe Beermoth (then again, blowing on your own hands is more effective than that one) and the same style as the one in the Marble Arch.  It is one of those that really dries your hands while deafening you at the same time.


This is Ira.


He was in our family for 17 years and while being the patriarch of all our cats he also seemed to cast a strange cult like spell of them all, male or female.

Sadly today was his last with us and he is now buried next to his brother George, who went some 10 years previously.



So this obviously means me next post will be full of anger and hate, yes not really much different to usual.


Thanks again for reading.