Craft-Beeronomics: The dangers of exploitation

Drinking got me thinking...

Greed: Noun; intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food.

The recent boom in Craft Beer has been a fantastic shot in the arm for those of us who crave good beer. Good, varied beer is now a thing. Previously there was a variety of beer available but nowhere near the extent that is available now. But what’s it driven by? The growth has two elements, firstly there has to be a desire to brew better more diverse beers, and also there then needs to be a consumer demand for the beer styles which have broken away from the norm.

Both of those elements are self-driving, so a good brewer will develop a popularity and therefore demand, but also the consumer demand gives the brewer confidence to try more varied beers. And if anything, I think the link between brewers and consumer are far shorter than they…

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