Day 12 – #12BeersofXmas 2015

Day 12 – #12BeersofXmas 2015


Brewery – Thornbridge Brewery

Location – Bakewell, Derbyshire (historically, Mercia)

The Drink: Jaipur X

ABV: 10% – 500mL

Style: Imperial IPA

I’ve long considered Thornbridge to be the daddies of the “craft” beer movement, some will sing and dance and be offensive/take offence and bully and lull people into joining their fan club but the people from Bakewell have just got on with things and built their fan base on the strength of their extensive range of good beers.

I’ll go on record now as saying where as Thornbridge’s dark beers really can and do rock my world their pales have never quite chimed with me, well except Halcyon (*KLAXON*) which I had only for the first time last year as part of 2014’s #12BeersofXmas

Jaipur is an example of something that I never really got into, it also slightly miffed me that just because it was sold my some restaurants that could advertise that they sold “craft” beer (it also gave them carte blanche to over charge massively).

Jaipur X was released to mark 10 years of brewing and I have had it on keg twice.  Once during the initial buzz (also when this bottle was purchased) and again in October in Sheffield when either I was under charged or the bar I was in really did price it at £5 a pint.

On those occasions I found it to be a bit too punchy for me while also having an after taste that long out stayed its welcome.

A small fizz, it poured a crystal clear deep yellow colour with a thick white head that retained while drinking.

About this time I’ll link to the Beer O’Clock Show Instagram account for a better review of Jaipur X because they know what they’re talking about…

#12beersofxmas | Day 3 | @thornbridge Jaipur X & @magicrockbrewco Un-Human Cannonball | 10% & 11% | Things might have got a little bit tough for Spruce as today sees the second double up of this year's run as I go back to a couple of big IPAs that I've saved for tonight. Now, obviously I know you should 'age' these sort of beers but I just wanted to see what would happen. First up was the Jaipur X. This bottle was from the first batch that was produced and when I first had it I was a little underwhelmed to say the least. However, it has definitely improved with age and has a soft, mellow aroma with light vanilla, caramel and pine. The flavour has mellowed also and it's now very sweet with a lasting light bitter finish. There's a lovely malty backbone to the flavour with a feel of lemon cheesecake. Second up is Un-Human Cannonball from Magic Rock. A beer that creates much excitement in me and many others on every years release, I didn't get on with this one at the time. Obviously the hop hit hasn't got any better and there's nothing on the aroma, the pour is still cloudy. Flavour wise it's still fruity, like a thick tropical breakfast juice and there's a boozy burn on the finish. So did ageing two big IPAs work? Well, you know the answer to that, but the beers are still good, which is probably more testament to the skill of the breweries than anything else. #cheersguys #beeroclock #craftbeer #IPA #IPAcentric

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I’ll add that the mellowing of this slightly aged bottle has improved it on my palate.  It feels more rounded and less harsh, more fruity and less alcoholic.


Thanks for reading.

Enjoy what is left of the weekend before the realisation of just how far away next Christmas is.


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