Day 10 – #12BeersofXmas 2015

Day 10 – #12BeersofXmas 2015


Brewery – Five Towns Brewery

Location – Outwood, Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

The Drink: Summerisle

ABV: 6.2% – 500mL

Style: Red Rye IPA

Other info: Surprisingly fiery Red Pagan IPA, loaded with American Hopes, BBE: Feb 2016

Sometime in June of 2015 I was sat in the Harewood Arms lamenting the death of cinema icon Christopher Lee and how their should be some form of tribute to him.  Within minutes Five Towns fired back with the artwork as it was tribute beer was already under way.

In a complete pisser of a day when I got back into Manchester the news broke that wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes had passed too.

Being a fan of (horror, sci-fi) films, wrestling and music this year has been particular heavy on the loses of those that had an impact on my life…

B.B. King

Terry Pratchett

Leonard Nimoy

Scott Weiland

Gunnar Hansen

Roddy Piper

Wes Craven

and then today, in a moment of horrible, morbid serendipity Lemmy goes and croaks it too, so as a quick ham-fisted tribute…


So on to the drink; a slight fizz upon opening, it pours clear red-orange with a white head which dissipates around the rim of the glass while drinking.

The smell is a lovely potent smell of hops, citrus and a bit of spice and the taste is just as powerful. A tingle stays on the lips after drinking, smooth in the mouth it is a mass of hops and orange, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was some chilli in there that was adding to the bite.

Five Towns are one of my favourite breweries at the moment; their beers, small and big alike are all of a high quality and many agree as for the two years of its incarnation, the Salford Beer Festival has awarded (by public vote) beer of the festival to the brewery; Raven King (a coffee porter) in 2014 and Art Decade (a mango/peach IPA) in 2015.

Seek them out.


Thanks for reading.


Live Long and Prosper.



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