Day 9 – #12BeersofXmas 2015

Day 9 – #12BeersofXmas 2015


Brewery – Cheshire Brewhouse

Location – Congleton, Cheshire.

The Drink: The Smokehouse Porter

ABV: 6.2% – 660ml

Style: Smoked Porter

Or to give it the full description: Slightly smoked, salted caramel, chocolate, sticky toffee pudding porter.

Ingredients: Water, Malted Barley, Whole Flower Hops, Yeast, Dates, Cacao (Willies Cacao; Venezuelan Black 100% Rio Caribe Cacao).  BBE: Dec 2015. Limited to 450 bottles.

Slight fizz and pours a rich dark brown with an off-white, creamy head that is retaining as I drink it.

The aroma is a has a definite sweet fruit pudding in chocolate sauce twang to it with.

The tongue is tantalised with a small about of carbonation; very, very light, like a well known former Rowntree’s favourite.

From now on it is very hard not to simple quote the rest of the notes on the bottle, I mean it even uses the word unctuous, it is indeed like drinking some decadent dessert.

This is one of those drinks I would classify as a “converter” – for the person that doesn’t like dark drinks or only knows the Irish nitro stuff then give them this and wait for the inevitable reaction of surprise and wonderment, accompanied with a hard to hide smile of something that tastes good but with the proviso of “I couldn’t spend a whole night on it…”

I could spend a whole night on it – if I’d bought another 2 bottles I probably could too and then I’d just float to bed…



Thanks for reading.

Enjoy your holiday in lieu (if entitled).



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