Day 6 – #12BeersofXmas 2015

Day 6 – #12BeersofXmas 2015


Brewery – Weird Beard

Location –  Facking Laaannndddaaannn mate.

The Drink: Black Christmas

ABV: 4.5% – 500ml

Style: A Cranberry Christmas Stout

Other information; BBE: Aug 2016, Batch: 0221.


I love Weird Beard.  Their general demeanour nationally is great, they come across as fun rather than overly serious or super studious which means that they are accessible and approachable while also letting the beers speak for them.  Plus their little beer specific skull logo is a stroke of genius, just the right side of adult to not be pointed at by moralists that they are targeting children with their demon drink.

As I write this I’ve just got back from the pub. I drank this bottle while watching the Wizard of Oz, had a few sips of others drinks and I’ve had a pint in the pub.  This is the most sober I have ever been come 10pm on a 25th December night since I was 15.  I’ve just eaten more instead.


The bottle opens with a big fizz and it pours a dark brown with a slightly off-white head that fades but is still present at the end.

Aroma is roasted, with a small of berries.  That will be the cranberries, which it certainly tastes of, along with the ubiquitous roasts and an ever so slightly sharp characteristic.

It feels light on the palate, low carbonation and has a very rounded mouth feel and a mellow after taste.

Hopefully I managed to do this review without plagiarising the bottle notes…

Thanks for reading.


Seasons Greetings.


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