Day 4 – #12BeersofXmas 2015

Day 4 – #12BeersofXmas 2015


Brewery – Six O’Clock Beer Co

Location –  Manchester

The Drink: Written Warning

ABV: 8.5% – 330ml

Style: Russian Imperial Stout

Other information; BBE: Aug 2015, Gyle: B0016, Made in Manchester with Hops from Stockport

A rather rare bottle from the Six O’Clock people, brewing out of their own kit in the BlackJack Brewery, there beers are generally found around the area and especially at The SmithField (Top 3 pub/bars in central Manchester)

Another bottle that opens with a slight hiss and pours with very few bubbles, the dark tan head breaking immediately but staying around the rim for the duration of the drink.

A thick dark brown liquid, it provokes the word obsidian in my mind because I love that word…


If I’m honest I’m not detecting much in the way of an aroma, like some viscous dark hole of a drink nothing much is escaping.

However the mouthful is luscious, all thick and silky and fully coats the entire palate.  Heavy on the roast, a little boozy note features in the after taste.

Actually as the drink descends down the glass more of an aroma comes through, boozy hops being the best way I can put it.

This is a proper winter warmer, more so because my refusal to put the heating back on is prompting many dirty looks, not least from the cat.


Thanks for reading.


Have a Happy Christmas Eve Eve.


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