Day 3 – #12BeersofXmas 2015

Day 3 – #12BeersofXmas 2015


Brewery – TicketyBrew

Location – Stalybridge, Manchester.

The Drink: Salted Caramel Coffee Stout

ABV: 5.4% – 330ml

Style: Stout

Firstly an apology that this piece is late in posting; a mix of passed their best before Buxton beers, a meal out and not being near a computer lead to this delay – along with watching Luther, but mainly not being near a computer.  The only thing you can blame Idris Elba for is appearing in Prometheus (I’d say acting but no one acts in that film, just like no one cared about plot or characterisation or the whole Alien mythos)

A few years ago (about the time when Red Bull went after Red Well Brewery), Halewood International (they make Lambrini) looked for a rumble with Ticketybrew because their name sounded too much like the advertising slogan they used for their Crabbie’s brand (Tickety Boo).  The issue was resolved (I hope) but those kind of incidents between small businesses and the bigger brands still reverberates to this day.

The bottle opens with a tiny hiss and pours the expected silky dark, dark brown.  Minimal white head that quickly disperses and a bit under carbonated in the mouth, but it is a stout so I’m not too bothered.

The aroma is slightly roasted and without it sounding like a negative (which it isn’t) it smells like 7-hour old coffee.

Light in the mouth and smooth going down (as this piece veers towards Carry On territory) there are hints of sweetness and coffee but the overriding sensation is the saltiness.

It is hard to describe salty flavours in these kind of drinks, I don’t have much salt in my diet (out of laziness rather than health reasons)

1 tastes bitter, 2 tastes sour, 3 tastes salt, and 4 tastes sweet.
1 tastes bitter, 2 tastes sour, 3 tastes salt, and 4 tastes sweet.


Apparently the above is a myth, though some parts of the tongue are more sensitive than others to certain sensations but I will say that from personal experience there did seem to be a distinct, erm, flavour impact (what?) in the third region of my tongue when drinking this.  Like the liquid is having it’s party more in the part of my mouth than any other place.

Ticketybrew make some damn fine beers; at a works Xmas do in 2014 their Rose Wheat Beer on cask in The Molly House was responsible for getting many reputable drinkers very, very merry indeed.  I have quite of few of their bottles in my house for what I’m going to dub #TicketyBrewTuesday, because what is life without whimsy.


Thanks for reading.


Seasons Greetings.


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