Cafe Beermoth…DIVE!!….

Welcome Clarice to Cafe Beermoth…

I’ve received praise (awards if you will) this week because I blog from a first person perspective.

I don’t wish for this blog to be about me, my thoughts maybe, but not me.  So with the proviso that I take full responsibility for what is written in this piece, that I have had a fair whack to drink and that one of my cats died this morning, I present my review of Cafe Beermoth…

As far as things go unicorn semen is the rarest thing that Manchester Confidential has demanded for praising any place that opens in Manchester.

English A’ Level taught me that if you are going to write positively about a subject always write about any detractions first.

For the purpose of “comedy” I’m saving that till last.

If you want a proper review from a highly competent writer who actually knows something then read this blog piece by @kaleighpie because she knows her stuff.

Some gratuitous scenery shots (including lens flair even JJ Abrams would kill for)……


Minding my own business over the past weekend in the brewtaps I was made green-eyed by numerous beery compatriots who joined me to rave about the place they had just visited.

After much waiting and much joyful time spent buying bottles or drinking in the tasting room of the original bottle shop that is Beermoth it was made aware that their new venture had opened and even though the initial (and above) photos might suggest a highly inflated drinking emporium what had in fact happened was a cheaper than competitively priced, wonderfully realised bar that was clearly the vision of people who knew what type of place they wanted to drink in, what beers they wanted to sell and how it should be sold.

At its cheapest it is £3 a pint (£2.95 if you want to be accurate and £1.50 a half so you overly offended half-pint rounding arseholes don’t get worked up) – putting a lot of local city centre alcohol dens to shame with they prices charge.

What is odd is the location.  You notice a sea change if you drink there through the evening and into the night.

“Suits” come in from about 4pm onwards also there were blokes in hi-vis jackets.  So it is fair to say that, if clothes maketh the man, the Cafe Beermoth is welcoming to all.

There are 7 cask ales and 10 keg beers (keg, key-keg; pay the ferry man if your pants get that twisted); clearly signed as to the brewer, their location, the name of the brew, its ABV and the price.

The only confusion can come with the pricing as each is listed variously as cost either per third, half, two thirds or pint – I’m not a fan of this approach but compus mentis at all times.

A menu is also available, to document all the beers they have in bottles – also spirits and wines.

Cider is available, but only one, in bottles.

Whilst there I noted a few faces from what I would deem to be the direct competition of Cafe Beermoth.

Suffice to say that though cordial (in one instance) they did (as they should) look worried.

A few too many ale house in Manchester have become too complacent recently and no amount of temporary billy-big-balls managers from London or resting on past glories are going to change punters opinions without an honest and real focus on why places like this succeed in the first place.

Drinkers want good drinks at good prices.  Wank yourselves off on twitter as much as you like about what you are doing or going to do.  Just fucking do it, otherwise you will rightly be cast adrift, captive audience or not.

Cafe Beermoth is a great place – it may be because it is new and the “buzz” is new but given the stall it has set out for itself it has the makings of a “places to visit in Manchester” for a long time.

Having said that, here are the negatives…

Music – you don’t need it – unless you get Jamie’s record collection (type in “guardian craft beer” and this is the first image)…

Godflesh + Beer Moth = THE choice of music


The toilets are fine, but this is one of the shittiest hand driers I have ever used – plus the token bin beneath to catch excess water is a nonsense.

Get yourselves a roll-towel or simply paper towels and a few bins and you’re sorted.



Cafe Beermoth – well worth the stamp.




Thanks for reading.







So long Frieda…you awkward ball of weirdness…



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