Manchester Brewery Taps – 2015 and Beyond…

…infinity not included.

So as a farewell to 2015 which saw many things happen within and because of the Manchester city centre brewers (Green Quarter, Piccadilly Mile, etc.) and with event licenses being a highly prized commodity for the future, I thought I take a look back at the last few brewery taps of 2015 and see what might be happening in 2016…

…this way I can delete about 3 draft pieces I’ve had on these subjects and maybe look like some guru; you know one who is actually local and not some Londoner taking a punt.

So initially looking to the last brewery tap of the year Beer Nouveau is hosting one final chance to avoid the weekend nonsense that is the Christmas Markets…

Looking back now to the events of the 11/12th of December 2015, which saw a last hurrah of the Black Jack Brewery’s usual month end brew tap being hosted at and with Runaway Brewery



Yes shit pictures, but if you weren’t there you did miss out.  It is like taking photos of a pub, you can capture fixtures and fittings but you can’t capture atmosphere.  Sure I could take photos of leery people looking like goldfish into the camera appearing to be “having it large” but then it would still come across as some 19-year-old’s Instagram account and you’d still have missed out.

Speaking of Instagram, there are far better pictures of these event on the brewers accounts – if you need visual stimulation when tawdry prose just doesn’t cut it any more.

If you’ve not been to their taps it is quite simple; local and national beers are available on cask and on evil keg filth and once the novices have got over the £2 returnable glass deposit shock when buying their first drinks, they can sit (or stand) and relax with some nice music and some street food.  Use it to start, end or be your night.

The only small inconvenience to some are the conveniences.  Usually portaloos but over the summer BlackJack did install some permanent bogs with stunning craftsmanship…



Augmenting this festive tap, the bods from Squawk Brewing Co and Track Brew Co had converged on the latter’s railway arch with a host of other crafts people to bring another brewery tap to life…CV9tLf9WsAA7Uxt

Same again, with the addition of more wares to buy; cards, cushions, candles, honey, soap, you know, girls stuff.*

But, apart from the lovely beer (Track and Squawk only; cask and keg) you get vats of good stodge…



Chicken Tagine, Lamb Curry, Spinach & Mushroom Dahl, spicy cous-cous (the last two being vegan) – the stuff of brewtap legend.

Basically with a brew tap what you have is a pub/bar but with less of a wazzock factor.

2016 and Beyond

Immigration is quite a good thing, case & point are the Manchester city centre** (head) brewers:

Squawk – Yorkshire.

Track – Chester.

BlackJack – Wales.

Marble Beers – ever changing.

Cloudwater Brew Co – some ropey non-Manc accents amongst this mob.

Chorlton Brew Co – Southerner

Runaway – Southerner

Beer Nouveau – Southerner

Alphabet Brew Co – Yorkshire

This list will be swelled by new breweries:

Carbon Smith – Scotland

Manchester Brewing Co – Stoke (though to be fair via Oldham)


And there is talk of yet another 3 to 4 additional breweries opening in the first 6 months of 2016 too; some new, others spreading their wings.

It remains to be seen if the Piccadilly Beer Mile can finally become “a thing” and assuming some inter-brewing bullshit can be set aside I personally see no reason why it can’t – if there was just some way to get across the roads quicker.

Manchester Beer Week will also take place between 10th-19th June, assuming the organiser has fulfilled sufficient husband duties in lieu.

The brew taps will remain a feature and there are always a seemingly endless slew of new bars opening up; Cafe Beermoth being the very newest addition and The Pilcrow Pub being built as I type.  So this obviously means more outlets for the slew of brewers in and around Manchester.

There are also many, many fine pubs still in Manchester which can be visited for a wide range of “real ale” or “craft beers” or just to marvel at them.

Not much of a gaze into the future but Manchester is purring away nicely on the beer front and provided some establishments don’t get too complacent like those in London already have then with its symbiotic relationship of good quality venues and the wide variety of brewers there is no reason why Manchester won’t dominate the UK beer scene in the very near future.


Thanks for reading, bollocks to Leeds.

Merry Xmas and all that guff.



*So Neanderthals like me who have no emotional concept of birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas can at least seem to make a heartfelt gesture to loved ones with some simple gifts.

**Not including Holts, for no reason other than to cause rankles amongst the sniffy set that inhabit CAMRA, in a loud though fortunately declining minority.


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