2015 #12BeersofXmas – Preamble

So a brief introduction to what beers I am planning on drinking for the #12beersofXmas

Info on this concept can be found here, care of Beer O’Clock Show




So a selection, of mainly British and mainly Northern brewers.

Jaipur X gets in because quite a few seem to be doing it and I’ll crowbar in my experience compared to what it was like when imbibed on (fresh) keg and is the only one I have had before with the exception of Marble’s Little Meiko, which I entertain I’ve had in the Marble Arch but could be wrong (days are long and beers are many in that fine establishment).

Spaghetti Western (Grappa Barrel) by BrewFist of Italy is a token international beer.

Five Towns Brewery from Wakefield way is in with their Summerisle – a tribute to the loss this year of acting institution and horror film icon Christopher Lee.

Of course most are “big” – the lowest ABV is 4.5% and many are of the dark side.

The order of drinking hasn’t been decided on yet but if the 1st one is to be drunk (and written about) on the 20th of December, the day after the 3rd Annual Crimbo Crawl taking in Leeds, then I somehow doubt my own ability to even start well.

One week to go…


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