Independent Salford Beer Festival 2015 – A Review

This is a sort of review of the 2015 Independent Salford Beer Festival, which took place between October 30th to November 1st.

A review of the 2014 event can be found here

The review from last year holds true this year, that there was a massive community vibe to it all, I don’t wish to repeat myself so I’ll sum up the 2015 event in pictures…

There was spanking new glassware…


There were snacks…


There was lots of hearty, filling food…


There were crowds of people, bloggers, brewers…


There was a hawk…



There was a write up by the organiser far more recently written after the even and far better than this cobbled together effort.

There was of course beer…

45 of them and my were they all good.

When it came to asking for people to vote for beer of the festival many will tell you just how hard it was as there were so many good beers.

It is gratifying to an extent (though not life validating, I wouldn’t go that far) that a beer I helped with won the beer of the festival.

But it is always about the people you are drinking with that makes the difference.  @ThaBearded1 beat me to the punch in comparing festivals to pub life, or rather a former pub life we’ve romanticised.

Not for me, my locals still have the propensity for chat amongst strangers, what I’m thinking of is the new “craft bars” that are springing up.  Where drinking the newest, most hyped beer is the new competitive sport and relaxing and forgetting about your problems (or even opening up to some random) is not on the agenda.

That in itself is a separate discussion but it does stand in contrast to beer festivals like this where you can talk to people and there doesn’t seem to be any snobby hierarchy.

People aren’t just there for the beers, they are there for the community and they are there for each other.

Cue the Cheers theme tune…

The festival in 2016 looks like being another step change, more things planned and hopefully more delegation by the organiser so he doesn’t morph into some beery Atlas.

Till next time, thank you for reading.


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