Thank the Beer for Friends, Thank Friends for the Beer.

The Guardian article below cropped up in my twitter time-line a few weeks ago…

Is it just me… or does everyone lose friends in their 30s?

Of course typically the title is misleading as it then proceeds to bemoan how it is men that lose friends and then does its liberal hand-wringing over such matters but I’ll leave the role of “men” in a modern society till another time.

You can debate till the cows come home about what makes a friend and how (and if) there is a place to differentiate between what is a “mate” or who is just an “acquaintance” and all the other synonyms given to people who fulfil similar roles in our lives.

I personally don’t deny that over the past few years I’ve not had much contact with my university friends but these things are two-way streets and you can only make contact a certain number of times with little reply before you think that if they don’t make they effort then neither will I.

Not that there is any malicious motive behind such acts, there was a time when people knew about social interactions and that people come and go throughout the course of our lives, now we just have to over analyse everything in some wrong-headed way to make it appear that be considering everything we as people are considerate.  The truth is, all that is merely stuff to pass the time, or just click-bait articles for mass digestion of a species with very little time to do much of anything.

Why am I writing this piece?

Well I’ve had numerous pieces in my drafts in various states of flux but I can’t seem to finish them off.  There is a passion and driven (even an anger and hate) in some of them when started that just ebbed away (oh how my feelings are like Guardian readers friends).

Then I read the article and a fair few of the pieces I’ve written recently made me realise they all had a common theme.

No, not just beer.

But beer is the catalyst to the friendships I have formed over the years that I’ve had this blog, my twitter account and joined various different beery cliques that have arisen from the two social media interactions.

So I’ve met commercial brewers, home brewers, bloggers, drinkers, bar staff and landlords/landladies and whereas these people are never, ever likely to have to entertain my deepest feelings; they are people I can happily spend whole evenings in the company of.

And if you appreciate that the drunk is the real and honest version of the sober one everyone else encounters then I’ve been quite lucky to meet some jolly nice real and honest people.

So, in essence, because of beer and pubs my social circle has actually grown; these are people I would actually bug to see if they were free to go for a few jars (and that isn’t because I know they can’t say no).

Really this piece should be a lament to beer, pubs and the people who still use these things.  Real, tangible people.  But like my draft posts there doesn’t seem to be a main focus, however unlike my drafts I’m publishing this because I just needed to say it.






I did warn people this would be soppy.

And no, this doesn’t have some darker undertone to it.  I will be drinking for a long time to come.

Thanks for reading.


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