Beer(d) People are Good People

A review of the Independent Salford Beer Festival will come in the fullness of time, but some of you may remember a while back I pledged to buy anyone with a beard (or those that knew someone with a beard) that they could have a drink on me – that bold statement was clarified, with caveats in a blog post here but I can assure you it isn’t worth reading.

I thought I’d do it for a bit of a laugh and to appear less misanthropic but while doing the count I got a warm sensation in the chest cavity that houses the swinging lump of black coal that keeps my cold blood pumping round my icy veins.



So over a quiet Sunday beer and some food (not the Karkli, they are saved for later) I set about totting up what damage I’d done to my life savings.

Here are the stats:


60 tickets were used – I don’t know how many were handed out.

The most expensive drink bought was for £3.60.

2 people bought a pint of cider.

3 very kind souls got themselves the cheapest serving possible of 1/3rd of Track Brewing Co Sonoma (Simcoe dry-hopped) for £1.

The most popular price for a drink was £1.70.

Someone allegedly paid £1.10 for a Carling – but I’m blaming Otto for this.

All – I say again, all the drinks available had been bought at least once.

There was a 5 way tie for the most popular drink claimed:

Track Brew Co (as above)

Allgates – Rule of 72

Brass Castle – Mosaic

Atom Beers – Pavlov’s Dog, Peach Iced Tea Blonde (No. 2)

Mallinsons – Bench Pale

All of which were fairly low %ABV pales.

The final total was £110.10, meaning the average price redeemed was £1.84

Call it £120 and as it is charity double it, so the final total is £240.

Kind of wished I hadn’t said that fake beards weren’t allowed, it could have been quite a sight (even if it would have put a bigger dent in my bank account).

So there  you have it, while I don’t begrudge people getting the most expensive drink they could possibly get if it was gratis the average (mode) price was half of the most expensive.

Maybe it is a British thing, to not take the piss out of someone’s, for want of a better word, kindness; but I instead see it, through the fog of tiredness and 60+ hours of nothing but good beer as the old adage:

Beer people are good people.


3 thoughts on “Beer(d) People are Good People

  1. Well good on you, even if I don’t understand why you did it. I do remember buying strange girls drinks, alongside you at the bar, with pub quiz vouchers like they were going out of fashion, but this is a bit different. Would I have qualified for you offer as I know you, who has a beard sometimes?

  2. Interesting numbers and analysis – because that’s what I take from a tale of beer goodness shared between people at a beer festival, the numbers.

    Seriously though, looking forward to your review of the event!

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