Indy Man Beer Con – Things You Will Have After It Is Over

So you’re going to the Indy Man Beer Con are you?

This is what you may be left with come the day after the session(s) before…

  1. The obvious hangover.
  2. More friends.
  3. Yet another beer festival glass – or bits of glass.
  4. A yearning to brew beer yourself.
  5. Hundreds of photos of beer, food and complete strangers, all with a certain blurred quality.
  6. More badges on Untappd (you #badgewanker).
  7. A better understanding about beer and brewing.
  8. Ringing in the ears from the bell the announces another pop-up beer/bottle tasting.
  9. Knowing that Manchester really has got its shit together both festival hosting and brewing wise.
  10. You’ll be a few pounds lighter in the bank – but it is worth it – well to most it is, others will just carp on about elitism and snobbery.
  11. You’ll be a few pounds heavier on the scales – the solution, don’t weigh yourself – you’ve paid for it, its good to have something to show for it.
  12. Knowing that next October will not come soon enough.
  13. Wondering why can’t every festival ever be held in such nice surroundings as Victoria Baths.
  14. Why do I have to go to work? When will the world be based on a merit system like that seen in Star Trek?
  15. Is CAMRA really that evil or is it just one big misunderstanding brought about by age differences and antagonism?
  16. This keg beer really is too cold.
  17. When did I last feed the cat?
  18. Maybe I should volunteer at a beer festival.
  19. When is Salford Beer Festival?
  20. Is this the real life, is this just fantasy?
  21. Why am I reading this list, what is it’s possible function apart from riding on the coat-tails of one of the UK’s premier beer festivals?
  22. I’m going to the pub.

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