A Beer, A Beer, A Beer for a Beard

So I was on twitter last night and made this bold statement…

Of course to know the name of someone with a beard was so I wasn’t accused of sexism that this offer was only open to men (bearded ladies also accepted). But I will honour this offer on production of a proper beard or the name of a beard wearer in attendance. Just go here to buy your tickets for the Saturday afternoon session (when the offer will be available).

Independent Salford Beer Festival 2015

While you’re on that site, also consider going to another session, or all of them. And if you don’t know the name of a beard wearer then I’ll be there and I’ll be probably wearing a name badge so you are all beers in.


Fake beards like this will not be accepted…

Nor will drawn on ones…


You can get a pint…but only if you follow me on twitter, otherwise it is a half pint.


Tweet using the hashtag #ISBF2015 and give the account (and me) a follow.


3 thoughts on “A Beer, A Beer, A Beer for a Beard

  1. Just shaved mine off this week. Feel like I rejoined the human race, but then i always do when I go clean shaven again. I bet I grow one again, but for now I’m dead set against them.

    I was partly motivated by the new, clearly drawn political divide between our bearded and beardless party leaders. Having chosen sides, I look a bit daft today, mind.

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