The “Beer” House at Manchester Victoria Station – Addendum

A short follow up to my post on The Beer House at Manchester Victoria Station

I was shocked by the popularity of the above post, the views are still ticking over to this day, it opened up some more avenues in my head.

Much feedback was from people who despite the misgivings they had for the place still have to go and “tick it off.”

For those who were wondering about the £4.80 a pint for Jaipur, bear in mind that it is £2.50 for a half, so they also do that bullshit half pint mark-up.

A few days after the post I was followed by someone who works at The Beer House (I take that at face value) and I had to clarify that the post was not in reference to how the staff were; I never had dealings with them, they never saw any of my cash, the post was just about the completely missed opportunity to give a captive audience good beer at a reasonable price.

Said Beer House staffer tweeted this a few days weeks ago…


Manchester Victoria Station – a place undergoing a multi-million pound revamp but the trains are still old diesel units and the electric trains they are introducing are not only old themselves but they also take up valuable platform space so said Pacer Units have to wait aimlessly outside the station adding to the already non-apologised late running “service,” that passengers pay for at massively inflated prices.

The Beer House – a place that has undergone a multi-thousand pound revamp but still stocks the same old, tired beers and “new beers” which are just old ones with a marketing re-badge, all at massively inflated prices.

But I suppose if your audience is captive then you can treat them like the hostages of misfortune they are and so to that end they are very much taking their cues from Northern Rail and the completely disregard they have for their passengers.

Some things are just made for each other.


A good write up about Doombar can be found here Goblet & Mug


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