Day 12: Patriot by Privateer Beers #12beersofXmas

Day 12 – #12beersofxmas


Brewery – Privateer Beers

Location – Manchester, Greater Manchester

The Drink: Patriot

ABV: 3.9% – 330ml

Style: Amber Ale


Privateer brew on Temperance Street in Manchester.  They will form (hopefully) part of the Manchester Mile of brewers (blog to follow) that in 2015 will put London’s in the shade (typed with a lot of Manchester/Lancastrian/Northern pride and optimism).

The drink pours a still, very, very lightly carbonated light amber/dark straw colour, with a light off-white head forming a meniscus all the way down to the bottom of the now empty glass.  The aromas are of malts and there is a distinct nuttiness to it too.  Soft in the mouth with a very mild bitter taste, more malts and nuts, with hint of berries.  A very nice, sessionable traditional bitter/ale.

Privateer have a good range of ales and I have enjoyed every one of them, it would be remiss of me not to recommend the Dark Revenge, a wonderful dark brew.

With a BBE July 2015, this is the first of four beers to be brewed for the LMS Patriot Project which aims to build a steam locomotive in time for the 100th anniversary of the Armistice in 2018.

Happy New Year to all and all the best for 2015…


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