Day 11: Halcyon by Thornbridge Brewery #12beersofXmas

Day 11 – #12beersofxmas

Brewery – Thornbridge Brewery

Location – Bakewell, Derbyshire (historically Mercia)

The Drink: Halcyon

ABV: 7.4% – 500ml

Style: Imperial IPA


A review in which I hope nothing I write is beery blasphemy.

I’ll admit it now, this is only the second bottle of Thornbridge I’ve ever bought.  I’ve had a bottle of their Thornbridge Hall Bracia waiting for me, for over a year now I reckon, so this it the first Thronbridge to be drunk in my house.

This is also the first time that I’ll be drinking Halcyon.

I have nothing against Thornbridge at all – I can’t explain why I’ve never bought their bottles before – I usually buy their stuff if available at any pub I visit and it isn’t like I actively avoid them like certain other breweries.

Their Baize is one of my favourite ever drinks, but oddly, when I see their seemingly ever-present Jaipur I get a feeling it is the “craft” beer equivalent of Doombar or Deuchars IPA – if at least far more enjoyable.

As a slight detour here is Rowan Molyneux banging on about Jaipur


Prevaricating, what a wonderful word.

If Untappd did a reward for all #badgewankers out there, I suggest it is called “Klaxon Bastard”.

So, very light carbonation, it pours a lovely, light straw colour with a very fine suspension and a slight but sticky white head that retains through the whole drinking experience.  Big aromas of citrus and hops, a very slight fizz in the mouth but light, full and refreshing.  Definitely not tasting the bigger ABV means this is dangerously drinkable.  Flavours of melons, grapefruit, general citrus and slightly sweet, not dry but quite bitter in the aftertaste to very nice effect.  I can see why the kids go crazy for it.

Happy penultimate day of the year/day of #12beersofXmas…


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