Day 10: Curmudgeon Old Ale by Founders Brewing Co #12beersofXmas

Day 10 – #12beersofxmas

Brewery – Founders Brewing Co

Location – Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Drink: Curmudgeon Old Ale

ABV: 9.8% – 355ml (50 IBUs)

Style: Old Ale


Very little carbonation, it pours a dark amber/light brown colour, with a sticky off-white, creamy head.  Aromas of burnt caramel, toffee, molasses and alcohol.  A big, powerful tasting beer, alcoholic but not as strong given its ABV.  A mellow mouth feel given was to what taste like over brandied mince pies or Christmas pudding, so that would be fruits, sugars and the burnt caramels.  A bit of spice too.  Quite perfect to have by the fire just as the frost does indeed start nipping at the toes.  I just drank mine while having some pork belly, which had been in a tad too long, but it goes well with crackling.  A chocolate/orange bomb for dessert also complimented this drink, but given I’m back to work tomorrow I’m looking for any silver lining possible.

Happy Monday…


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