Day 8: Slaapmutske Bruin by Brewery Slaapmutske #12beersofXmas

Day 8 – #12beersofxmas

Brewery – Slaapmutske

Location – Melle, East Flanders

The Drink: Slaapmutske Bruin

ABV: 6.0% – 330ml (30 IBE, 40 EBC)

Style: Belgian Ale


Opening to an audible hiss, wisp of gas and a small surge that I just caught in the glass this is a well carbonated beer.  It pours a cloudy medium brown with a strong off-white/cream head.  Initial aroma full of sweetness; toffee, caramel, treacle along with a maltiness and possible fruitiness too.

It is just as pleasing to drink, a bit bubbly on the palate but with more maltiness to go along with all the varying sweet flavours, nothing noticeably bitter in any part of the tasting and definitely dangerously drinkable for a rather strong ale.

Oddly I always assume that Belgian brewers are old as brewing, they merely modernise some of their brands/labels but Brouwerij Slaapmutske is a new brewery, which I suppose when you compare this to the taste of Belgium’s “historical” beers there is indeed something both Belgian but distinctly modern about this Bruin.

Tip-top Tet…


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