Day 6: Padrino by Summer Wine Brewery #12beersofXmas

Day 6 – #12beersofxmas

Brewery – Summer Wine Brewery

Location – Holmfirth, West Yorkshire (historically West Riding of Yorkshire)

The Drink: Padrino Imperial Affogato Stout

ABV: 9.0% – 330ml (35 IBUs, 22 EBC)

Style: Imperial Stout


If I tell you that the side of the bottle states that this imperial stout is laced with amaretto, coffee and vanilla in kind of does half the job for me.

It pours pitch black with very little head, what there is a tan-off-white do and very little carbonation.  It has a massive coffee aroma with malts coming through too.  It feels smooth and velvety in the mouth and tastes of the afore-mentioned ingredients; creamy, sweet and almondy; much like the Italian dessert (Affogato, look it up) that it is named subtitled by.

Summer Wine won one of my Golden Pint awards for 2014 their 10.9% Barrel Aged Calico Jack Rum Imperial Stout as the best UK keg beer, I had it at Common Bar in Manchester and prior to that at Indy Man 2014 where I was fortunate enough to talk to the brewers.  That beer was aged two years, the brewer noted he wished he’d left it a further year.  It the opportunity arises to barrel-age the Affogato Stout I can see that winning another on my (slightly meaningless) awards in the future.


Happy Christmas…



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