Day 5: Rogue Santa by Fool Hardy Ales #12beersofXmas

Day 5 – #12beersofxmas

Brewery – Fool Hardy Ales

Location – Stockport, Greater Manchester (historically Cheshire)

The Drink: Rogue Santa

ABV: 5.0% – 500ml

Style: Stout


Opened to a very loud and vigorous gush with a bit of mopping up required.  This Limited Edition stout had a BBE of June 2014 poured a deep, dark brown with a good, tan head.  Strong carbonation subsided into thick mouth feel and a smooth gulp.

The surprising aromas were of mint-orange-chocolate, the taste more of mint-chocolate, small hints of malts and roasts coming through.  Definitely the right choice of beer this time given the season and the weather and I’m a big fan of the bottle artwork.

Enjoy Your Christmas Eve…


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