Day 1: Black Port by Blackedge Brewery #12beersofXmas

Day 1 – #12beersofxmas

Brewery – Blackedge Brewing Company

Location – Horwich, Greater Manchester (historically Lancashire)

The Drink: Black Port

ABV: 4.9% – 500ml

Style: Stout/Porter


I’ve had this bottle a while, as such the best before was the 9th December 2014, but that is splitting hairs.  This is a lovely drink.  Most people doing the #12beersofxmas will probably have a heavy slant towards the darker drinks, but my beer closest/table is generally made up of the dark stuff.

Black Port as won awards and it isn’t hard to see why, it is something you could give to either a novice drinker or someone who’s dark drink revolves around the nitro-keg stuff from the St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin and I’m sure you’d convert them with the first mouthful.

My bottle had a fair amount of fizz to it, but after the initial froth it drank smooth and silky.  Everything you want from a porter is there, the chocolates, the coffees, the liqourices, the roasts, the excessive plurals.  The intenseness of those flavours subsides into the nectarous port aftertaste.

I love this beer – but drinking it is tinged this year with sadness as it was the last drink I had in one of the best pubs in Bolton, The Dog (and Partridge) before the building met with the wrong end of some dick driving a Land Rover Discovery.

I wouldn’t say I was its biggest patron, but it was (and will be again) one of those pubs you can spend all night in (if you get used to the toilets).  There are currently, even as I type this, fundraising events going on to get The Dog back to serving order as quickly as possibly and hopefully serving Black Port soon too.

On to Day 2…

Merry Christmas.


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