Golden Pints 2014

I’m new to this, when I saw lists like this last year I thought bloggers just made up awards for specific things they wished to heap praise on.  Indeed, that is probably the case…

Best UK Cask Beer – This goes to SEVENBRO7HERS Brewery and their 4.8% EPA (English Pale Ale).

Best UK Keg BeerSummer Wine Brewery and their 10.9% Barrel Aged Calico Jack Rum Imperial Stout.

Best UK Bottle or Can – too many…but I’ll go with the Fire Plough, a 5.5% smoker porter collaboration between Arbor and Wiper & True.

Best Overseas Draught – I had a lot of different Flying Dog brews in Port Street Beer House one evening.

Best Overseas Bottled or Canned Beer – Emelisse did a stunning 2014 Barley Wine aged in Makers Mark barrels as part of their White Label range.

Best Collaboration Brew – Hmmm, I’ll go with Five Towns Brewery and AllGates and their Station to Station a 5.6% IPA.

Best Overall Beer – AllGatesI ended 2013 and started 2014 with their 4.3% Gin Pit, beer-wise I probably couldn’t have started the year any better.

Best Branding, Pumpclip or Label – Out There Brewing Co they are just so nice to look at…


Best UK BreweryBlackJack Brewery

Best Overseas Brewery – Probably To Øl or Bevog

Best New Brewery Opening 2014 – In Manchester we are currently spoiled for choice and a fair few have opened in 2014 alone but this year belongs to Runaway Brewery

Pub/Bar of the Year – This is the one I won’t be drawn on, there are too many good ones.

Best beer and food pairing – At the excellent Leeds Beer Festival I had the Weird Beard Little Things That Kill, Batch 8, Sorachi Face Punch with a Piggy Smalls Hot Dog smothered in Sriracha hot sauce.  Will that do?

Beer Festival of the Year – Everyone will rave about Indy Man Beer Con, rightly so, but festivals are/were this blog’s stock & trade and they all have their merits and where Bent N Bongs will always be my spiritual home, my vote is actually very easily cast for Salford Beer Festival and it doesn’t just get the award so that Jim might cry again…2014 was its first time around and people have all ready taken it to heart.

Supermarket of the Year – 2014 has seen me almost all but cut out going to the supermarket…it is possible.

Independent Retailer of the Year – Stiff competition in the Manchester area for this one, but it has to go to The Liquor Shop which is now BarBeerian next door but one.

Online Retailer of the Year – Not shopped online for beer in 2014.

Best Beer Book or MagazineBolton Beer Breaks (Bolton CAMRA) takes it for now, expect a homebrewers book next year.

Best Beer Blog or WebsiteBeers Manchester for Beer/Bottle reviews and Pub Curmudgeon for all other drink/pub/liberty based thoughts.

Best Beer AppTwitter. It is all I use.

Simon Johnson Award for Best Beer Twitterer – Going with @Pubs_of_Mcr – pubs and history and pub history rolled into one.

Best Brewery Website/Social media – ShinDigger Brewing Co


3 thoughts on “Golden Pints 2014

  1. […] Summer Wine won one of my Golden Pint awards for 2014 their 10.9% Barrel Aged Calico Jack Rum Imperial Stout as the best UK keg beer, I had it at Common Bar in Manchester and prior to that at Indy Man 2014 where I was fortunate enough to talk to the brewers.  That beer was aged two years, the brewer noted he wished he’d left it a further year.  It the opportunity arises to barrel-age the Affogato Stout I can see that winning another on my (slightly meaningless) awards in the future. […]

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