Brewery Openings – Cwrw Ial & Chorlton Brewing Co

The following took place on 22nd November 2014.

Cwrw Ial Brew Co

The day started with a sedate meeting of the South East Lancs CAMRA then it was off to the small village of Llanarmon yn Ial.

Just outside Mold in Wales.  Or just in Wales, but a border is a border.

I’d first had Cwrw Ial brews at an Allgates pub though not officially as part of their Road To Wigan Beer festival, it was the Kia Kaha and I was taken in by the pumpclip as much as the name.  It was a good beer too.

The brewery probably has the best scenery of any brewery in the land.


It is a community brewery, the head brewer is Doug, from New Zealand, who I met at the Independent Salford Beer Festival.  For more information about the brewery just click the brewery name above.

The opening day was run much like a small beer festival, £10 tickets were issued on the “door” (money taken by a 6-year-old in fact paint).

There were proper sausages and burgers being fried up on a make-shift grill in the back of a cattle truck.
There were veggie burgers too and onions, there should always be onions.

A folk band was playing amongst the brewing equipment.


It was very, very busy, not only because of its general popularity but also because it was only happening between 1.30 – 4.30pm and Wales were playing an international match against New Zealand at 5.30 so everyone was keen to get the drinks in and get back for that.  I can’t think of a better build-up to a match than that, even if it is Rugby Union (I wonder if Doug likes RU and if so who he supported?).

The beers on offer were of course from the brewery, with other Welsh brewers: Big Hand Brewing and Heavy Industry Brewing providing one each.


As it was a flying visit I just stuck with the brewery’s own tipples…


The tasting notes above save me the effort (click to enlarge).  Limestone Cowboy was previously enjoyed at the ISBF, by myself and a great many people.  Pothole Porter was a very nice brew, roasted overtones, dark and smooth.  But the best one out of a very good bunch was the Copr a lovely, hoppy beer bursting with lots of citrus flavours and a very palatable bitterness.

A lovely, relaxed time was had and I hope to try more of their beers in the future; and so should you.

I should note that there was a designated driver for us to attend this event, I didn’t drink and drive.


Chorlton Brewing Co

After a quick refresh back at home it was onto a train (shared with Middlesbrough fans, having just drawn with Dave Whelan’s Wigan Athletic, Xmas shoppers and a group of women drinking a cheap bottle of rosé each, blocking the doorways) to Manchester.

A quick detour into BeerMoth’s bottle bar was made the most off, with Jamie of Five-Oh Brew Co laying down some nice tunes from the likes of Big Black.

Then it was on to under Piccadilly Station, another archway brewer, this time in Unit 69.

Light shone from under the doors of the units and I half expected this to be some kind of blood farm that vampires have, but these fears proved unfounded as I was greeted by a great many familiar faces and quite a Manchester based brewers too.

Sadly none of the Chorlton Brewing Co beers were available, brewing started the following Monday, but what was provided was:

Brew By Numbers Double Berliner Weisse and Manchester’s own Runaway Brewery and their IPA.


It was during this visit we decided to see which of the available malts is the comfiest to sit on.

WP_20141122_016 WP_20141122_017 WP_20141122_015 WP_20141122_014

Vienna Malt won – so it did mean something to me.

As for Chorlton Brewing Co, their first beer will be an Amarillo Sour and will possibly be out before Christmas – so give them a follow and look out for them.

They should also be on the Manchester Beer Mile (blog to follow)…


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