If Paddington Bear got Myleene Klass pregnant could he discuss abortion with his Sleuth while singing anti-terrorist songs?

A sleuth is the collective name for a group of bears.

This post is about censorship – not some weird sex scenario.

So in the past few days we’ve been treated to various forms of censorship, by a what I myself would see as all sides of the political spectrum.

Paddington Bear

Paddington film: BBFC changes advice about ‘sex references’

The British Board of Film Classification (C formerly stood for Censorship) have given a PG certificate to Paddington Bear, originally based on ‘sex references’, which in this case is the tried-and-tested comedic scenario of a man dressing as a woman and an unsuspecting male flirting with said cross-dressing male.

After a bit of a backlash they’ve changed said “sex” to “innuendo.”

Of course innuendo is a personal thing, that is the nature of it, you either get it or you don’t.  Much has been said about previous cartoons which are praised for being accessible to both adults and children because the perceived adult jokes would be too oblique for children.

Of course a state approved censors job is to provide (and I agree) helpful guidelines via certification of films (though mission creep is trying to extend it to video games and internet videos) for parents to decide what is suitable for their children to see.

What is apparent in this case is the upgrade of certification because of its risqué nature of said scene.

Having said that I’m sure there are sections of society that thinks cross-dressing, even for comedy effect should never be allowed to ever be viewed by children.

Myleene Klass

I work, I don’t see afternoon TV, but ITV seem to have a debate show where talking heads air their views with increasingly state supporting indoctrinated views.

Myleene Klass (a talent show winner who has reinvented herself as numerous things over the years to stay in the spotlight) coached to high heaven took Labour Leader Ed Miliband, surprised at this verbal assault and clearly wishing to employ Klass’s (to many s?) coach,  to task about his mansion tax proposals.

I’m not hear to discuss the pro’s and con’s of this proposal, but what has followed is a change.org petition to have Klass removed as the face of Littlewoods because of her stance against increased taxes of what is generally assumed to be ‘the rich’.

Yes, because having an opinion is a reason to lose a job.

Abortion (the debating of it)

Oxford Abortion Debate Between Two Male Journalists Cancelled Due To “Security Concerns”

The censor – Niamh McIntyre – makes her case

I like to think I’m “pro-choice” – what a woman does with her body is her business alone.

But to be against free-speech and open debate because only men are involved is a truly pathetic stance to take.

It also sets a precedent that if you aren’t of a specific ‘group’ then you aren’t allowed to discuss any issue as it apparently “doesn’t affect you” – so fuck you Plato, Socrates and your ilk, your philosophising and debating is a poison you’ve introduced to the world and must be eradicated.

Fan Chants

English FA apologise for anti-IRA singing during Scotland game

The gentrification of football continues unabated as the FA apologises to terrorists offended by a few songs.

Wouldn’t want to offend those that murder civilians with words now would we, let alone words set to a catchy tune.

So whether you are an animated bear, a talentless talent show winner, a man, or a moron who watches soft millionaires kick a round ball let it be known that I, as a member of only 1 of the 4 listed categories will not deny you you’re right to have an opinion and to broadcast it.

Beer reviews will follow….