Indy Man Beer Con 2014 – Part 1, The Food

A quick post about the food at Indy Man Beer Con 2014 which will contain no pictures.

If you look through my blogs, most are of beer festival reviews and food is as much a key player as the beer.  Food needs to be there to soak up the beer to enable our less inebriated selves falling out onto the streets and obviously running amuck as that is what all people who drink alcohol do.

Other times it can complement the food.

Following the fall-out from IMBC14 as to whether the festival is elitist or not perhaps a tell-tale sign can be the type of food it provides.

At Indy Man they do a Beer-Matched Meal.  I didn’t go to it.  It was curated by The Hungry Gecko. I’m sure it was very good.

What they do do, food-wise, at Indy Man, is have a lot of food stalls and by this they mean “Street Food”.

So, as the food is provided by small businesses, as opposed to old women looking like your dinner ladies from school (pick you cliché), this may well be seen as elitist.

I suppose that when the average price of some scran is £5 (food costs seem to vary between £3-£8, not including the nibbles that could be bought), this too suggests elitism.

Because it seems to be that elitism in describing Indy Man comes down solely to the costs of things.

So the food on offer at Indy Man was: Pies, Pizza, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Mexican and Curry.

Of course when said like that, it sounds like every other standard take-away fodder, but the food served here is far, far superior.

All these bods can be found at various street food markets, regular markets, brew taps and general gatherings:

Great North Pie Co.

Great North Pie Co Facebook and @GreatNorthPieCo

These guys have been at all 3 Indy Man festivals – this years offerings were Cheese & Onion and Minced Steak (with mashed potatoes and mushy peas).

They use the word artisan, but I can overlook that as they do make good pies, but I miss the channa masala (or whatever they were from IMBC12)

Honest Crust Pizza

Honest Crust Pizza and @Honest_Crust

Honest crust are usually visited by me at the end of every month at the BlackJack Brew Tap, fresh made pizzas with a variety of toppings, cooked in a wood-fired oven in around 2 minutes.  I had one with nettles on once (elitist garnish), this time I just had one with anchovies.  Great yet not overly stodgy, because its a proper pizza.


Almost Famous Burgers

Almost Famous Burgers

To me, Almost Famous are the Brewdog of local food vendors.  Arrogant, childish, over-rated, followed by a slavish band of acolytes.  But the product they sell, they do very, very well and they do lead from the front.

The service was bob on at Indy Man; attentive, smiling, fairly sober staff (the antithesis of my trips to their NQ branch, pre-fire).  The double burgers sold with various toppings (pulled pork, etc.  Cheerios on one) were the glorious tasting cardiac attacks in a bun.  I can never fault their food.


Diamond Dogs

Diamond Dogs and @Diamondd0gs

Good, thick and long hot dogs with a variety of topping (yep, pulled pork, etc.).  Suprisingly light, but filling.


Margo & Rita

Margo and Rita and @MargoAndRitas

A healthier option to all the above red meats, along with Nachos, you could also get Fish Tacos (the soft kind of taco) or Cactus for veggies, with a refreshing salad.  Another light but hole-filling winner.


Chaat Cart

Chaat Cart and @ChaatCart

The curry side of things (all veg) and my favourite stall of the weekend.  Everything sated the appetite while also feeling very healthy in the process.  Masala Dosa was good, but the Channa Chaat was to die for.


Special mention to Karkli for Indian snacks (and some nice free nibbles for us bar staff) and to Epicerie Ludo (Epicerie Ludo and @EpicerieLudo) who provided cheese, breads and chutneys in quite plentiful abundance.

So this concludes the food portion of the total review of Indy Man 2014, stay tuned for all the other parts…

…obviously, because who else is going to write them for this blog?


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