Cans – Festival Drinking for the Craft Wanker – Part 2

Part 1 of my post about ‘Craft’ Beer in cans can be found at this link.

So Sonisphere is over (and bloody good it was too) but I still have quite a few more cans to review and this is what this post is for.

In the mean time, here is a First World War dog fight reenactment that Bruce Dickenson took part it…

As discussed in Part 1 Trooper beer (Iron Maiden’s own beer produced by Robinson’s Brewery) was on sale…a £5 a pint (plus an additional 10p for cup return).

Tuborg was £4.80 (again with an additional 10p so you returned your cup, or gave all the people a chance to ferret on the floors and dip in bins for used cups).

I went to Hyde Park to was Black Sabbath, Soundgarden and Faith No More – it was £5 a pint for Fosters…fucking Fosters or £5.50 for Heineken (or you could also spend £5 on a 400ml bottle of Heineken if you were too lazy to queue for a bit longer at the regular bars).

This put into some perspective what anyone is willing to spend on beer given the time and place.

In my time at each festival I bought 1 pint of Heineken and 1 pint of Trooper – smuggling of beer made up for the rest of the alcohol consumed over that weekend.

So, on with this 2nd part of this review of Festival Cans.

The beer was bought from The Liquor Shop.

To recap, there were two rules for this:

Room Temperature – I can’t chill them at a festival, so they will be at ambient (not warm though, again I’m still not a total heathen).

Out of the Can – the first and last mouthfuls were taken from the can, prior to pouring into a glass, because I’m still at home, I want a photo record (#photocraftwanker) and I’m not drinking out of plastic or completely out of the can unless I have no choice.

All cans, as far as I know, were 355ml.

I did pick up a pint (16oz) can, which I had only at the festival (no glass), this will feature later on…

After having the much heralded All Day IPA by Founders Brewing (age verification nonsense) and enjoying it I then got a can of the Centennial IPA. This one is 7.2%. Very enjoyable. It was on my festival list.

What? I told you I still don’t do tastings. It’s either a yarp or a narp. Hopefully I will evolve in time and put together a reasonable tasting review but until that time it will be just a yes or no.

And I’m not going to go on about IBU’s either.

Next was Phoenix Pale Ale by Sly Fox Brewery. 5.1% and not my thing. Narp.


Brooklyn Brewery (more prohibition-lite age verification bollocks) were next up with their Brooklyn Lager. Massively lacklustre, no better than really cheap supermarket lager. 5.2% and I will speak no more about this brew.


WP_20140629_003Flying Dog Brewery Not having a bad Flying Dog brew continues and this 4.7% Under Dog Atlantic Lager was no exception. Yarp.


WP_20140629_005Back to Sly Fox again with the 7% IPA – India Pale Ale. It is a no from me – but they do have a nice website.


Ska Brewing make a welcome return, this time with the 5.8% Vernal Minthe Stout. I had actually had this before (and chilled) while watching the very weird but quite enthralling Under The Skin which features quite a few male erections as it does Scarlett Johansson completely naked. It is very, very arty. But this beer tasted that same chilled as it did at ambient – minty. Like consuming melted mint choc chip ice cream. Good if you like that kind of thing, which I do, so it’s a yes from me.


So that pint can I took to the festival was the Torpedo Extra IPA from Sierra Nevada Brewery. 7.2% and bloody horrible, too late, I’d take it, waste not – want not.

Don’t worry, all litter was picked up afterwards (and I did have some of the Fosters, cast me out)…

And this is pure unfeted happiness having one of the good ones in the rain before Chas and Dave came onstage. Gertcha!!

While we are at it, I feel that in my 1st review I castigated Sixpoint’s Bengali Tiger quite vociferously. Not that my opinion counts for much, but I will say that chilled it is quite a good drink – just never, EVER drink it at room temperature.

So, there you have it again. 7 canned American beers.

3 very enjoyable. 4 a waste of cash.

And this is what I ended up taking…

The choice was fleshed out with copious amount of Jagermeister.

There are plenty of other cans/tins/tinnies out there to try for which I may well actively search out and write about.

Continue to Rock Hard, Rock Heavy, Rock Lobster.


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