Fall In Violent A&E Admission Due to Alcohol Prince Increase

You’d think the title of this post would require a question mark, it doesn’t, using a question mark it a cunt’s trick in the media to make a statement but make it seem like it is something that is up for debate.

I’ve left it out because it is up for debate – the title of this blog is going to be completely at odds with what I write.

I woke to this story being the lead piece on BBC Breakfast…note there is no ‘New’s in the programme title, much like other TV channels have Sunrise or Daybreak or Good Morning Cock Wombles – it is merely a device to make you think you’d be getting news, when really you are getting puff pieces and opinion (to be fair, not much different from the programmes actually called NEWS).

Basically the report, based on admissions to Accident and Emergency (A&E) units of hospitals in England and Wales shows that people going there because of violent actions has fallen nearly 33,000 from the figures in 2013.

This, as all reports show, is part of a continuing falling trend.

Anyway, lets me show you a brief over view of some of the ways some media outlets have chosen to broadcast this report…

The BBC leads with Violent crime in England and Wales falls again, A&E data shows

Opening paragraph…

Violent crime is continuing a long-term fall in England and Wales, according to annual figures from NHS hospitals.

There was a 12% fall in injuries from violent incidents in 2013, according to data from almost a third of emergency departments examined by Cardiff University.

This under a photo which has the tag-line “Report author Prof Jonathan Shepherd said the drop was connected to changing alcohol habits.” Which misrepresents what is actually being reported.

The Telegraph goes with the simple headline Survey shows fall in violent crime

But the opening paragraph is…

The number of people who went to hospital after being injured by a violent crime fell 12 per cent last year in England and Wales, reflecting a fall in binge drinking and higher alcohol prices, according to a new survey.

The Times (behind a pay wall) goes with Shock drop in violent crime

Opening paragraph goes on about links to alcohol and ‘less-macho’ culture, but oddly the link from the front page suggest
“Shock drop in violent crime ‘down to economy’.”

To be fair to Channel 4 they take a fairly balanced approach to the report, making it a part of their ‘Fact Check’ blog (though putting the word Fact in any article it another cunts trick along with the roaming question mark.)

Though this itself still seems to report mainly from the point of view that alcohol pricing is the driving factor.

People are more prone to violence when drunk. Though I still think that most people who are violent when drunk are simply more predisposed to violence in general.

The report itself (which I’ve only skimmed) would show that the main fall of violent admissions is amongst the young, those still evolving in their drinking abilities and evolving as human beings in general.

Some reports have placed emphasis, while mainly on the pricing of alcohol, but also on this less-macho culture, an up-swell in the temperance movement and also on the austerity of the economy.

Not surprisingly from some media outlets, that last point was then met with the paranoid “but if the economy recovers there could then be an up-swing in violence,” or words to that effect.

I’m not going to debate the figures of the reasons, I’m merely going to ask why you think the focus from the majority of media outlets was put on the increase in price in alcohol?

Yes, that is me asking a rhetorical question as a cunt’s trick.

I believe in freedom of choice and personal responsibility.

You deal with the consequences of drinking in excess with hangovers and general ill-health.

If you of the violent persuasion, you deal with being a perpetrator of violence by hopefully being jailed.

But we could come up with statistics of our own to defend the UK’s apparent ‘booze culture’. If you want to say that 33,000 people were admitted to A&E from violent acts and ALL of these are attributable to alcohol and were ALL individual and independent admissions – what percentage is that out of everyone that has a drink?

I feel it would be quite small. But then I’d be using unfounded and pointless statistics to try and prove a point.

In the meantime, the media is doing the nanny government’s Nudge Unit (Behavioural Insights Team) a favour by continually broadcasting its propaganda for a minimum price of a unit of alcohol and the removal of any sense of enjoyment from going out, socialising and having an alcoholic drink while doing it.

Yes, you don’t need a drink to have a good time (or as Jermaine Stewart also noted you don’t have to take you’re clothes off either), but nor do we need to be told what is and isn’t ‘good’ for us.

Not as free minded adults, sober or drunk.


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